Might Sarah Palin Run For U.S. Senate In Arizona?

Has Sarah Palin down-scaled her political ambitions?  Wasn’t she promising America she could save us from President Obama? 

Asked if she can beat Obama, Palin tells Walters, “I believe so.”

So why the expensive house in Arizona, Sarah?  Is she sincere about the needs of America, or are just out to make big bucks in her boots and short skirts?  And what does Sarah Palin’s church think about her image?

At a speech at the Wasilla Assembly of God on June 8 , 2008, Palin described how Thomas Muthee had laid his hands on her when he visited the church as a guest preacher in late 2005, prior to her successful gubernatorial bid. Did Sarah Palin wear her tight short skirt and big boots for the laying on of hands too?  Or did that Assembly of God thing get left behind when the idea to make lots of money conning Republicans take root?

So now Sarah Palin is rumored to be thinking about the U.S. Senate!  There must be a way for Sarah Palin to rake in some more cash from lonely, conservative middle-aged men in Arizona  who want to see her take the stage in black boots.  Stick a pole into the floor of the stage and I have a feeling Sarah Palin would be right at home.  She is out to make money!  Sarah Palin is using the Republican Party to do it, and there are enough silly conservatives who are falling for her game.

For months, rumors have circulated in Arizona political circles that the former Alaska governor and possible 2012 presidential contender either was shopping for homes in Scottsdale or had already bought one.

A just-closed deal on a secluded luxury home in far north Scottsdale might fit the bill, and talk has begun that this may be the one. It’s an 8,000-square-foot, dark-brown stucco home with a guard gate that can keep unwanted visitors away. It has six bedrooms, five bathrooms, a six-car garage, a swimming pool and spa, and a full basement with a home theater, billiards room and wine cellar.

Safari Investments LLC paid $1.695 million cash for the home in a deal that appears designed to cloak the identity of a high-profile buyer.

Palin has been rumored to be considering headquartering her 2012 White House campaign, if there is one, in Scottsdale. She also has been mentioned as a possible candidate for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by the retiring Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz.

Palin has made multiple visits to Arizona since the night in November 2008 when, at the Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa, McCain conceded the presidential election to Democratic rival Barack Obama. Palin’s daughter, former “Dancing With the Stars” celebrity finalist Bristol Palin, last year purchased a five-bedroom house in Maricopa.  (All high school dropouts with a child out of wedlock buy 5-bedroom homes!)

Palin’s name started coming up in Arizona in March, when state Rep. Steve Farley, D-Tucson, repeated a rumor of a possible Palin bid for the U.S. Senate in his weekly newsletter to constituents. Farley told The Republic at the time that he heard the rumor from two Republican lobbyists whom he declined to name. The same week, a Politico blogger quoted an anonymous source as saying Palin might base a potential presidential campaign in Scottsdale.

Large Powerful Photos Of Joplin, Missouri Tornado Damage

What does one say?

The amount of damage in Joplin, Missouri from a F4 tornado makes one numb.  That is how I have described the feeling all day.  Just sad and numb when viewing the photos and watching the video feeds.

I have decided to link with Atlantic Magazine, and showcase the photos they have assembled.  There are 38 powerful and emotion packed photos here.  I have posted two of them below in reduced size for this blog.  The link above gives more punch with a larger size.

Joplin, Missouri Tornado May Be One For History Books

Sadly a  total of 116 people are confirmed dead as a result of Sunday’s tornado in Joplin, Missouri, according to city manager Mark Rohr.  That means the death toll from the Joplin twister is tied for the second highest in the United States since the National Weather Service began keeping such tornado records in 1950. 

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Monday that 2011 is the ninth-deadliest tornado year on record, with more than 450 killed by twisters so far this year, far short of the 794 people killed by tornadoes in 1925.

About 1,000 tornadoes have struck the U.S. so far this year; a record 1,817 tornadoes ravaged the country in 2003.

Pilot Not In Cockpit At Time Of Crash Crisis For Air France Flight 447

More and more questions arise.

The fate of Air France Flight 447 was sealed in just four minutes. That short time span began with the first warning message on one of the Airbus A330 aircraft’s monitors and ended with the plane crashing into the Atlantic between Brazil and Africa, killing all 228 people on board. 

Since last week, investigators from France’s BEA civil aviation safety bureau have been analyzing the flight data and voice recordings extracted from the cockpit of the Air France flight that crashed on June 1, 2009 while traveling from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. What they have learned from the recordings seems to suggest both technical and human failure. 

Sources close to the investigative team have revealed that the recordings indicate that Marc Dubois, the aircraft’s 58-year-old pilot, was not in the cockpit at the time the trouble began. It is reportedly audible that Dubois rushed back into the cockpit. “He called instructions to the two co-pilots on how to save the aircraft,” the source with inside knowledge of the investigation told SPIEGEL.

Double Rainbow Over Joplin, Missouri After Deadly Tornado

After the death and destruction…..

Video Of Joplin, Missouri Tornado Damage

This is intense, sad, numbing.

Foul-Mouthed Joakim Noah Needs Hefty Fine For Hurling “Faggot” At Fans

Until this weekend I had never heard of Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah.  I am sure there are a number of others around the nation who were also introduced to this sports figure in the same way I was.  With no class or self-pride Joakim Noah put himself into the headlines.

Too often over the past months we have been confronted with members of the sports world hurling obscenities and slurs at gay people.  The term ‘faggot’ rolls off some tongues, and is used so carelessly, that it is obvious it was not a slip, as much as just another time to use the damaging term.

There should be no acceptance of this choice of words from Joakim Noah.  In addition, there should be no allowance from the public for this word usage.  Not in school, not at home, not all the mall….no where.  Period.

If a white basketball player had turned around and used the same opening cuss words and then followed if up with the ‘n’ word the entire nation would come unglued….and rightly so!

That same level of outrage needs to be registered against Joakim Noah for his use of “faggot”.

Joakim Noah should have known better just on a human level, and then with certainty after the other matters which have taken place both in the NBA, and with other sports personalities.

As such, there needs to be a larger penalty against Joakim Noah for this slur against gay people than was leveled agaisnt Kobe Bryant over the same issue.  There can be no turning back by the NBA, or others organized sports, from rooting out the lowest common denominator behavior from professional athletes who get paid millions to play a game and become heroes to young people.

Joakim Noah, like it or not, becomes a role model when he steps out on the basketball court, and should act like it.  If Joakim Noah is not up to the task then he can get a job somewhere else.   Until then he needs to understand that the word ‘faggot’ is unacceptable, and be forced to pay a steep price for using it.