Can Anyone Bring Concealed Bowie Knife To Dane County’s Vilas Zoo?

Can my ludicrous question that headlines this post be any more ridiculous than the actual news that took place in the State Capitol on Wednesday?

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved  a concealed carry bill on a 3-2 Republican-majority vote.  The full Senate will consider the measure in the future. 

The most perplexing part of this truly outrageous proposal is that no training or permit would be required under the terms outlined today.  In addition, and for good measure, the bill allows anyone to possess a gun within 1,000 feet of a school. 

Walk down any street in Wisconsin and tell me how many of the people you meet should be carrying a concealed gun.  Rattle their cages a little, get them angry in rush-hour traffic, and let them have a beer or five.  (This is Wisconsin, after all.)  Lets see the concealed gun owners in action.

What is alarming to ponder are the numerous places that one might encounter someone who could be packing heat.  Think about it for any length of time and it soon becomes clear that this is most unsettling.

Consider Dane County’s Vilas Zoo where you might want to spend a sunny summer afternoon.

Dane County Executive Joe Parisi is rightly concerned about this matter, and is hoping that some serious minds might inject some rationality into the concealed carry measure before it winds up in front of Governor Walker.   The governor has indicated he will sign any concealed carry measure that reaches his desk.   

Once again Walker has failed the leadership test.  By not taking a position on how a bill should look, or the requirements that he wishes to see included, Walker has instead just allowed the extreme far-right wing elements of the GOP to sail the ship into the rocks.

For now all that those like Parisi can try to do is convince elected officials that  banning guns at the zoo, outside the airport, and any large event such as Brat Fest is the family friendly way for society to operate.

All of Wisconsin should hope that the likes of Parisi win this battle.

2 thoughts on “Can Anyone Bring Concealed Bowie Knife To Dane County’s Vilas Zoo?

  1. The funny thing about not requiring permits or training is it severely limits the number of other concealed carry states Wisconsin gun owners will be able to carry a weapon. Most require permits and most require at the very least a little bit of training and they only acknowledge states that have similar requirements.

  2. Lori

    Stopped by Aldi’s today and can say I felt less safe in the company of another customer who had a gun strapped on his hip. Too many unstable individuals in our midst for this to be a good thing. Can’t imagine I’m the only one who thinks a private citizen with a gun in a gocery store looks pretty silly and doing this primarily to be noticed. I noticed him alright, noticed that he looked like someone with a screw loose and axe to grind. Cover it up, cowboy, you’ll still be able to get at it when you you need to hurl some lead.

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