Rod Blagojevich To Take Stand In Corruption Trial

Yes, we have been down this road before.  But you have to grant me that this news, if indeed true, will produce one of the cheapest theatre tickets anywhere, anytime.  This will be pure political drama.  Oh, heck scratch the political if you wish.  This will be DRAMA!

I have no regard whatsoever for Rod Blagojevich.  He tarnished more than his name.  He smeared the political process,and the institutions of power with his money-grubbing ways.

So I want to see Rod Blagojevich take the stand and get grilled by the prosecution!  In the end I dare Blagojevich to take the stand. 

The problem with the strategy outlined by the defense is that there is no way Blagojevich can testify without incriminating himself, or worse.

Blagojevich is planning to take the witness stand as well, according to several sources familiar with the decision. He has been preparing to testify for several days and worked in depth on his possible testimony over the weekend, the sources said.

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