Wisconsin Concealed Carry A Dangerous Special Interest Political Game

One can almost see the drooling enthusiasm from those in the Wisconsin Legislature who carry water for the National Rifle Association.  Nothing gets a politician, be it Republican or Democrat, so excited as knowing they are about to reap campaign dollars for doing the bidding of a political master.  That is, at the end of the day, what the concealed carry issue is all about.

The NRA has run this issue up the flagpole, and too many legislators are only too glad to comply with the wishes of  the powerful lobbyists.  After all, elected officials in the statehouse are always interested in being rewarded with campaign donations.  And the NRA always has plenty of cash to spread around.

I am not sure where all those who harbor a strong need to carry a concealed gun live, but I can assure my readers I have never once encountered anyone who told me they wished to do so.  I have, however, spoken with many in both urban and rural settings who have confirmed what logic tells us about this issue. 

More handguns being carried can only result in headlines no one wants to read.  My readers only need to talk to law enforcement to better understand the pitfalls of concealed carry.   As we know law enforcement is not a den of liberals so their views are important to consider.

Concerns have been registered across this state about many aspects to concealed carry.  From whether there should be training required for those in dire need of carrying a concealed gun, to whether a permit and license should be required and that list made known to the public. 

This whole  issue of concealed carry has drawn much attention, and rightly so.  After all, we get to walk among the armed ones and have no way to know what will prompt one of them to fire their weapon.

It was reported today in the newspaper that a legislative  amendment is being proposed by State Senator Galloway that would allow for an optional permit so a concealed gun could be carried close to a school.  What in heavens name can be gained from such a proposal?!  After reading that I had to again ask myself what is happening to this state. 

Why do I think the need for this legislation matches that of the voter ID bill to limit voter fraud.  Constructing  a need for a bill is a strange way to shape public policy.  Yet, that is what is happening in this state.

I just do not see the clamor for this concealed carry bill from the electorate.  Instead I see a drive by a powerful interest group that wants to score a victory.  I also see cash-hungry politicians who will dance for whatever dollars they can rake in for the next election.  Sadly, I also see too few principled politicians who will stand up and denounce this shameful idea of allowing folks to carry a concealed gun.

Wisconsin citizens need to contact their elected officials and demand sanity again prevail when it comes to shaping public policy.   The best interests of the state are not those of the NRA. It is time elected officials recognize who they really work for!

60 thoughts on “Wisconsin Concealed Carry A Dangerous Special Interest Political Game

  1. Patrick

    David Clark, Sheriff of Milwaukee Co., indicated that he supported concealed carry on May 11, 2011. He likewise indicated that he was concerned and thought the bill should require training. My understanding is that this is what Walker would like to see, also.

  2. Clark is not the norm, or anywhere near it when it comes to law enforcement in the state, and how concealed/carry is viewed.

    Rock County Sheriff Bob Spoden and Janesville Police Chief Dave Moore said concealed carry could risk public safety.

    “I think it escalates every conflict that individuals are going to be involved in to a very dangerous level,” Spoden said. “I don’t think it will decrease the level of violence in Wisconsin. To the contrary, I think it will increase the level of violence in the state.”

    Walworth County Sheriff David Graves expressed concern about how a concealed carry law would be implemented.

    Meanwhile…… a top aide to Gov. Scott Walker stated that Walker was prepared to sign “any” concealed weapons legislation. Walker has not made any grand plays to shape this current bill and will sign whatever lands on his desk.

  3. lizzyjake

    I live in an extremely rural setting and work in an extremely urban setting, and have yet to here an opinion against concealed carry. If concealed carry is such a threat, why has it not been a problem in 48 other states. Why have the 48 other states not repealed concealed carry. The views of this periodical are extremely socialistic.

  4. mike

    You act as if only republicans want ccw. I know many democrats who are in favor of ccw. Many. Wisconsin has always been a state where you only have the right to be a victim. It wasn’t that long ago that pepper spray was illegal. Stun guns and tazers are also illegal. This new law will change that. Last time I checked a cops life is no more sacred tha anybody elses. I also know there no middle ground with you people but the leaast you can do is get your facts straight before reporting your tainted news. I don’t even study this subject much and my facts are better than yours. I could beat the shorts off you on this subject

  5. IRV

    As always the NRA wingnuts have expressed their opinion . Illinois is the last bastion of rationality … but they will be here next. So idiotic. 😦

  6. Patrick


    Could anyone who has an opinion contrary to your own represent the “norm’? Clark has done an excellent job in Milwaukee, and his name carries considerable weight and expertise.

    That being said, I think the legislature should require training for permits, allow any property owner to refuse to allow people to carry, and I would strongly consider absolute sobriety. Actually, my position is similar to that of Tom Barrett.

  7. Patrick,

    Yes, to your question. There are often issues that while I have a position on an issue I am fully aware that my views are not the mainstream view.

    But to the point you made……Clark does not represent the norm on this issue as far as law enforcement is concerned.

    That is just a fact.

    I also am aware such as with Sen. Holperin and a wide range of others on the Dem side that they differ with me, and me with them. That they are beholden to NRA money in most cases when taking the opposite view from mine is also a fact. That should concern all who think about the process of government, cleaner and less expensive elections, and how the legislative process works for all regardless of money given at campaign time.

  8. Dale

    Where should a woman, who is afraid for her life because of an absusive ex-husband or ex-boyfriend, carry a gun to protect herself? On her hip?
    Or perhaps she should just talk him out of beating her or killing her?
    Or perhaps she should just run away from him when he is angry?
    Or perhaps these things only happen in the newspapers and do not happen in real life?
    If you will not permit the powerless to empower themselves, what kind of victim will you make of us?

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