Boycott Johnsonville Brats This Memorial Day Weekend In Support Of State Workers And Public Employees!

Madison is about to go brat crazy this weekend.  Multiple events are scheduled where the best in summer-like fun can be enjoyed.   In addition there will be cookouts, such as the one we are planning at home, and others all over the city to make this weekend in the State Capital one of the tastiest times of year. 

But as we think about these eating events let us be mindful of the work-a-day world where the bread-and-butter facts reside.

That is where Johnsonville Brats comes into the picture.

Stunning amounts of money has been spent over the years from Ralph C. Stayer, president of Johnsonville Foods, and his sister Launa Stayer and Johnsonville staff.  They are major contributors to Scott Walker donating over $44,000 since 2005!

See it for yourself.

Then contact Johnsonville Foods and tell them that you will not buy their products until they stand up for the working men and women in Wisconsin.  Tell  Johnsonville Foods that union men and women are not to be treated like chopped liver in Wisconsin, and deserve the right to collective bargaining.  Tell them to stand up to Governor Walker and denounce the union busting law.

Why should state workers, public employees, and those who support labor buy Johnsonville Foods if they will not support us?

Planned Parenthood Stands Up To Violence, People Need To Stand Up For Planned Parenthood

Ralph Lang, an angry and demented idiot from Marshfield with a handgun was arrested in Madison this week before he could pull the trigger and kill untold numbers of people at Planned Parenthood.  The news makes for a sober ending to the work week. 

As the Wisconsin Legislature carelessly works to allow anyone the right to carry a concealed handgun we are again reminded of the anger and unstable makeup of many in our society.   Lang represents the worst kind of madman.  One that feels he has a mission from God to spill blood.

Planned Parenthood is a worthwhile and essential organization.  Not only in Madison but throughout the state and nation.  They serve a purpose for women and our whole society.  Too often Planned Parenthood is vilified and willfully misunderstood for the sake of political chicanery by conservatives and out-and-out wackadoodles.

After a near tragedy such as the one that made news this week in Madison it is again time to recognize the need for not only gun control, but also the continued rights of women to control their own bodies.  That there are some who would go the lengths Ralph Lang was planning strongly underscores the reasons we all must stand up for Planned Parenthood, and the rights of women.

Today Teri Huyck, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood released a statement.  In part she said the following.

Unfortunately, we are working in an environment where a vocal few would like to see us cease being a part of Wisconsin’s health care community.  When anti-abortion organizations and politicians vilify Planned Parenthood as a health care provider, they embolden people like this man who would turn to violence.  Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin will stand strong and continue to be a trusted provider of comprehensive reproductive health care services in communities throughout Wisconsin.

It is at times like this that I most admire Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin’s staff.  They continue to provide the highest quality health care even in the face of their own personal safety.  Their personal strength and commitment to our mission and our health care is without equal.  Additionally, we are stronger and safer because we have the commitment and support of people like you who fully understand the critical role all the health care we provide plays in the lives of women and families.