Governor Walker Correct About Flag Order For Memorial Day

I never have a problem defending someone when they are correct.  Even Governor Scott Walker.

This is one of those times, therefore, when I need to state Governor Walker is correct, and others are not when it comes to the matter of how the flag should be positioned on Memorial Day.

Some people, including Jim Gausmann, the veterans service officer for La Crosse County made a public statement criticizing Governor Walker about his order to lower the flag only half mast until noon on Memorial Day.

Gausmann who stated he has held his position since 1994 was so upset he wrote a letter to the editor of his local paper.  Problem is that Gausmann is wrong, and wanted to make a political point at the expense of Walker.

Ever since taking office, Gov. Scott Walker has toyed with flag lowering protocol: lowering flags for a week for a slain police officer; lowering flags for a week for Police Officer Memorial Day; and now, he has ordered flags lowered for Memorial Day for a half day only, from sunrise until noon.

I understand Walker never served in the military, but what have wartime military veterans ever done to him to cause him to disrespect one of our most important national holidays?

I have never served in the military either, but do  know one of those pieces of trivia that only seems useful at times like this.

The reason we have lowered flags until noon, and then full mast until sundown is that we honor the war dead for the morning, and living veterans for the remainder of the day.

Everything need not become a political back-and-forth, and as such the flag issue that has generated some chatter this weekend around Wisconsin should make us all pause.

Lets get our facts straight and concentrate on the big issues facing our state.

Sarah Palin Causes Strong Words To Be Made

Let me remind my readers the following statements are made from solid folks who are not leftists.  What the bulk of the analytical class are saying about Sarah Palin is no different from what is being stated in churches, bowling allies, and barber shops all over America.  Sarah Palin is a national joke, and nowhere near competent enough to even entertain the idea of running for president.

George Will says  it’s common knowledge she shouldn’t be trusted with nuclear weapons.

Andrew Sullivan says  he’s afraid she will run because there’s a possibility she could beat  Obama.

David Brooks essentially thinks she’s a joke.

Yeah. But, you know, being president is waking  up, somebody hands you the crisis and said, “There’s a crisis in Venezuela. What  are you going to do about it?” Does any, does anybody think Sarah Palin’s ready  for that? I don’t think so. So she can manage her brand.

But running for president is not “American Idol.”  And I, I think people may agree with her, they may like her, but that doesn’t  mean they’re going to vote for her. And so I–you know, the other thing is she’s  just not a team player. This is a team sport. Just take one little thing she did  this week. She’s taking her bus up to  New Hampshire.

She doesn’t call the Republican Party in New  Hampshire, tell, tell them where she’s going to appear, what she’s going to  do.  So you got to play as part of the party, you got to play as part of  the team.

She’s not a team player.  I don’t think  people are going to think she’s qualified.

Mom’s Iris Plants Bloom For Memorial Day

Germany To Shutdown All Nuclear Power Plants

Remarkable and proactive news.

Germany’s coalition government has announced a reversal of policy that will see all the country’s nuclear power plants phased out by 2022.

The decision makes Germany the biggest industrial power to announce plans to
give up nuclear energy.

Environment Minister Norbert Rottgen made the announcement following
late-night talks. Chancellor Angela Merkel set up a panel to review nuclear power following the crisis at Fukushima in Japan.

There have been mass anti-nuclear protests across Germany in the wake of
March’s Fukushima crisis, triggered by an earthquake and tsunami.