Germany To Shutdown All Nuclear Power Plants

Remarkable and proactive news.

Germany’s coalition government has announced a reversal of policy that will see all the country’s nuclear power plants phased out by 2022.

The decision makes Germany the biggest industrial power to announce plans to
give up nuclear energy.

Environment Minister Norbert Rottgen made the announcement following
late-night talks. Chancellor Angela Merkel set up a panel to review nuclear power following the crisis at Fukushima in Japan.

There have been mass anti-nuclear protests across Germany in the wake of
March’s Fukushima crisis, triggered by an earthquake and tsunami.

One thought on “Germany To Shutdown All Nuclear Power Plants

  1. art

    With the recent nuclear failure in Japan no wonder why there stepping another precautionary measures. But having all said, knowing they are highly industrialized country it bugs me where would they get alternatives to sustain their current status of living?

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