Sarah Palin Causes Strong Words To Be Made

Let me remind my readers the following statements are made from solid folks who are not leftists.  What the bulk of the analytical class are saying about Sarah Palin is no different from what is being stated in churches, bowling allies, and barber shops all over America.  Sarah Palin is a national joke, and nowhere near competent enough to even entertain the idea of running for president.

George Will says  it’s common knowledge she shouldn’t be trusted with nuclear weapons.

Andrew Sullivan says  he’s afraid she will run because there’s a possibility she could beat  Obama.

David Brooks essentially thinks she’s a joke.

Yeah. But, you know, being president is waking  up, somebody hands you the crisis and said, “There’s a crisis in Venezuela. What  are you going to do about it?” Does any, does anybody think Sarah Palin’s ready  for that? I don’t think so. So she can manage her brand.

But running for president is not “American Idol.”  And I, I think people may agree with her, they may like her, but that doesn’t  mean they’re going to vote for her. And so I–you know, the other thing is she’s  just not a team player. This is a team sport. Just take one little thing she did  this week. She’s taking her bus up to  New Hampshire.

She doesn’t call the Republican Party in New  Hampshire, tell, tell them where she’s going to appear, what she’s going to  do.  So you got to play as part of the party, you got to play as part of  the team.

She’s not a team player.  I don’t think  people are going to think she’s qualified.

One thought on “Sarah Palin Causes Strong Words To Be Made

  1. Badger Babe

    I’ve spent the bulk of my work career (writer, reporter, editor) working to dispel ignorant stereotypes and discriminatory behavior. I longed for the days when there would be no delineation of an individual’s qualifications based on gender or sexual orientation or physical characteristics. But Sarah Palin has changed all of that. She is either the dumbest or most dangerous female “playing” the public. Like all Tea Party ideologues, she doesn’t give a damn about political parties. She is looking out for herself, and she offers a crazy quilt of ugly beliefs that repulse and scare the majority of Americans. You’ve GOT to wonder exactly what will it take for her political ambitions to be quashed. She’s moved beyond the Caribou Barbie insults. This is a female who gives up when things get tough and then somehow thinks the American electorate is so stupid (or that she is somehow so “appealing”) that she can be elected. I guess the most effective Palin antidote involves continued reporting about this ignorant creature. The more folks seeker in action, the more they recoil. That she has any political support at all is frightening.

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