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State Senator Luther Olsen Hiding Behind Lawyers, Seems Fearful Of Voters In Recall Election

June 1, 2011

This has not been a good week for news headlines if your last name is Olsen and you have legal problems. So why would State Senator Luther Olsen opt to make another headline concerning lawyers at this time in his fragile political career?

I am not sure who is advising the Republicans in Wisconsin these days.  I have not been sure about who provides counsel for many months to the ones that are now in charge of this state.  Things are in such disarray that no one wants to admit they were the brainchild for all we have seen unfold since mid-February.  

However, if there is anyone who does have the ear of Republicans facing a recall election, such as State Senator Luther Olsen, you might pass along this free piece of advice.

Stop hiding behind your lawyers regarding the recall elections.  It makes you look weaker than you already are at this time in your political career.

Today comments appeared by Luther Olsen in the Wisconsin State Journal that will make lawyers happy to read, as they always like when a client follows orders.  But I strongly suspect that Olsen’s constituents, who know they are truly his boss, might find his words discomforting.

Olsen said the court challenge to throw out his recall was filed because “that’s the position of our lawyers.”

“You always listen to your lawyers,” he said. “That’s what you pay them for.”

Why is Luther Olsen afraid to face his constituents this summer at the voting booth?

There is real anger with the actions by Olsen and other Republicans who threw a punch to state workers and public employees regarding the ending of collective bargaining.  As such, the voters in Olsen’s district. like other places around the state, gathered more than enough proper signatures for a recall election.

In Olsen’s district enough signatures were gathered and then determined to be correctly obtained by the Government Accountability Board.  A decision was made by the GAB, following a review of the signatures, to place Olsen before his constituents for a recall vote this summer.

The Republicans have shown no honor this year, and seemingly have no lack of shame given how they rammed the collective bargaining bill through the process only to have it called into question once it was ‘law’ by the courts.  Now Republicans, like Olsen, are trying to undermine the legitimate right of voters to follow through with the recall elections.

If this ‘hide behind your lawyer’ tactic is seen as a wise one today, I suggest Luther Olsen evaluate closely the mood of his constituents, and ponder if it will be a wise one in six weeks.  The voters were not in a good mood about Olsen’s actions before this latest move, and once hearing about his legal trickery will only be further incensed.

  1. rqcrqc permalink
    June 7, 2011 10:39 PM

    @ppaul: The distinction evidently lost on you is that the objection Olsen (and the other Republican Senators) is raising is a pathetic technicality — that different individuals on the same committee signed paperwork for the recalls — which was UNANIMOUSLY REJECTED as a basis for disqualifying the petitions by the Government Accountability Board, which is made up of retired judges chosen for their impartiality. To raise the same, hopeless issue in court now is obviously an effort to find one, outlying ideological judge who might disagree and hold up the process. The Democrats’ objections, on the other hand, are substantive — there’s overwhelming evidence that Republican-paid professional canvassers from out of state lied to voters about the purpose of their petitions. That’s a felony, and invalidates their petitions.

  2. June 3, 2011 1:55 PM

    I haven’t been following this. But doesn’t sound a little bit like what “Scooter” Jensen did?

  3. June 2, 2011 10:34 AM


    The Republicans in the legislature did not follow the process and abused the rules and got caught up in court proceedings as a result.

    In regards to the recall the GAB followed the rules and procedures and the Republicans are not liking the outcome and so they are pouting.

    That is the difference.

  4. ppaul permalink
    June 2, 2011 8:48 AM

    I found this post rather comical. You are complaining that the Republicans are going to use the courts to fight this, and yet you don’t seem to have the same issue when the Democrats and unionistas did the same thing over the last few months. Very hypocritical of you.

  5. Badger Babe permalink
    June 1, 2011 4:11 PM

    You ask who is advising the Republican Party. Maybe it’s Mark Behling and Charlie Sykes, two of the more offensive/obnoxious conservative radio “gabbers.” Both of these guys are skilled at the kind of whining and “do-anything-to-win” tactics that have repulsed Wisconsin taxpayers. Their radio employers (2 Milwaukee radio stations) may still be “buying” what they’re selling. But voters in Wisconsin aren’t.

    The recall elections can’t come soon enough.

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