Madison Residents Should Water City Trees

The City of Madison has been blessed with many wonderful trees.   No matter what side of the city one walks or drives through lush large trees are everywhere.  These amazing trees cool our homes with shade, shelter us when we get caught in a rain storm while walking, and allow us a place to sit and ponder life.

But the trees on city terraces need our help this summer.  They need us to pay attention to their need for water.  And plenty of it!

As I walk in the neighborhood I see some new trees that I know are going to require some helping hands as the heat of summer advances.  I know there will be rain storms when it seems like gallons of water are falling from above, but it should be noted that most of that runs into the drains.

The rule of thumb, or so it was told to me some years ago when I started to think about such things, was that roughly 20 gallons of water per week is good for a tree.  I always treat young trees more  kindly as they are trying to make roots.

If a city tree is near your home carry some water, or better yet run your hose and soak the soil.

Last evening I walked by a friend’s house and the hose was rolled out to a terrace tree.  “You told me I should be watering the tree,” he told me as we greeted each other.

Who knew anyone listened to me!

Since my advice worked once I thought, hey why not put it on the blog?

Now go get your hose.

Thanks on behalf of the trees.

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