Rod Blagojevich Would Have Traveled To Afghanistan To Kill Osama Bin Laden

Secret Agent Man

No one should be surprised at the theatrics that are taking place during the corruption trial of Rod Blagojevich.    But even the most hardened watchers of this event had to be startled with the latest news.

He has compared himself to Gandhi and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. He has drawn parallels between himself and Winston Churchill as well as Abraham Lincoln. 

But during his fifth day on the witness stand, even Rod Blagojevich managed to startle observers with a new one: 

If he had appointed himself to the U.S. Senate seat in 2008, he would have traveled to Afghanistan to try to hunt down one Osama bin Laden. 

His lawyer, Aaron Goldstein, asked if Blagojevich talked about appointing himself to the Senate “in exchange for going to Afghanistan and hunting down Osama bin Laden.” 

“Yes,” A straight-faced Blagojevich replied, bringing yet another prosecution objection, hushed snickers and head-scratching in the courtroom.

5 thoughts on “Rod Blagojevich Would Have Traveled To Afghanistan To Kill Osama Bin Laden

  1. IRV

    Poor misguided Rod. I’m an Illinois citizen (Jeez I live in that goof’s Joe Walsh district) and can only hang my head down. But Rod is SO theatrical I have to wonder if there is something mentally wrong with the man. Reminds me of the guy in San Francisco during the 1870’s? who thought he was Emperor of the World.

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