“Walkerville” Is Coming To Wisconsin State Capitol, Glory And The Dream Wisconsin Style

This is what democracy looks like.

One of my favorite books is “The Glory And The Dream”.  I first read the two-volume set in high school and then a couple of times since.  The book opens with William Manchester brilliantly writing about a major protest in the heart of Washington. It is 1930 at the rise of the Great Depression, and veterans camp across from the White House.  They were coldly shunned by President Hoover when asking for nothing more than advance relief from the Great Depression.  They would be brutally attacked by troops and national guardsmen led by Douglas MacArthur.

Now we have “Walkerville”  coming to downtown Madison, and lasting for many days to protest the anti-worker, pro-corporate polices of Governor Walker and the Fitzgerald boys.  We can only hope that Governor Walker can keep the members of the state patrol in check.

Madison city officials approved a permit on Friday to allow protesters to set up a camp near the state capitol. 

During a meeting on Friday morning, local group We Are Wisconsin was given permission to put up tents and hold an ongoing protest until June 20. However, the group will need a separate camping permit to sleep overnight in the tents, officials said. 

The protest area, which some have sought to call “Walkerville,” will be located at the top of State Street and the city’s Street Use Committee will determine where tents can be set up.

One thought on ““Walkerville” Is Coming To Wisconsin State Capitol, Glory And The Dream Wisconsin Style

  1. Patrick

    Portible toilets, hand-washing stations, street vendors, musicians–that certainly sounds like an authentic Hooverville to me. I think it goes to show the pampered quality of today’s professional hippies and trendy protestors. The way they suffer….

    Looking at the increasing jobless rate, they would be better to call themselves an Obamaville.

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