Why Is Madison Mayor Paul Soglin So Cranky?

Why do I think there is already buyers’ remorse setting in among voters in Madison when it comes to Mayor Paul Soglin? 

We were used to Dave Cieslewicz and his youthful demeanor, his wit, his smile.  “Mayor Dave” exemplified an energy about government service along with an optomisitc  view about who we are as Madisonians.  That applealed to me.  

Meanwhile Paul Soglin comes across as cranky and pissed off.  There seems to me a deep negative reaction within Soglin for anything that Cieslewicz  succeeded at doing in the last eight years.  As a citizen of Madison I hope that is not the tone we have to look forward to whenever Soglin speaks.

With that in mind…

Isthmus’ Bill Lueders has the must read article from Madison’s weekly.

Ah, Mayor for Life Soglin, Madison’s sourpuss-in-chief. Here’s a guy who seemingly shifts between two phases of existence: being unhappy about not being mayor, and being unhappy about being mayor. See if you can spot the common theme.

2 thoughts on “Why Is Madison Mayor Paul Soglin So Cranky?

  1. I’m prefer a Mayor that isn’t afraid to be straight with citizens and tell it like it is, but Soglin, so far, has nothing positive to say. He makes me uncomfortable about planning any future events in town, because the city might collapse. I need a little bit of hope or joy coming from 215 MLK Drive.

  2. t.d.

    Do you watch the city council meetings? There is a joy in the house, that wasn’t there before, sexism is out the door, and he welcomes citizens with more than looking down at the desk saying, “Thank you.” The work is the focus not on a pun monster who has an empahty problem.

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