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Wisconsin Democrats Will Attempt Recall Of Governor Scott Walker

June 4, 2011

The time is coming when Governor Scott Walker will need to stand before the Wisconsin voters and honestly address why he felt the need to take a power blow to state workers and public employees.  That day is coming at the start of 2012.  In just a matter of months Scott Walker will face a recall election.

“We will recall Scott Walker from office next year,” shouted Wisconsin party chairman Mike Tate, sparking chants of “Recall Walker” from the crowd at what the party is calling its recall convention.

That’s a reference to the efforts to recall six Republican senators, certified for election Friday by the state Government Accountability Board.

The convention sought to continue the energy generated by the tens of thousands of demonstrators who flooded the grounds of the state Capitol in February and March. After Tate asked the Democratic senators who left the state to prevent a vote on Walker’s budget-repair bill to stand, the senators couldn’t be seen because the whole crowd was standing.

“Gov. Walker, are you listening now?” Rep. Peter Barca (D-Kenosha) asked when it was his turn to speak.

Tate stated why the recall needed to be done.

“We will not stand down — and next year, we will recall Scott Walker from office,” Tate will tell the crowd, according to the excerpts. “We will begin to repair the damage done to this state and we will begin anew with a Democratic Governor who will fight for our children, who will fight for our families, our teachers and our firefighters. We will fight for the people — not the powerful.”

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