Wisconsin Republicans Beware: Voters Do Not Want Longer Recall Campaigns

It is one thing to be tone-deaf.  It is another thing to be oblivious to reality.

The news that Wisconsin Republicans think it a grand idea to plant protest candidates to force Democratic primaries in the upcoming recall elections is clearly one of those ‘oblivious to reality’ moments.  If a primary is held for either party, that would push back the general election by a month, thereby giving the incumbent lawmakers more time to campaign.

I am not sure who the Republicans are talking to, or plotting with, but they should be aware of one fact.  From La Crosse to Fond Du Lac, from River Hills to Coloma the last thing the electorate ever wants is for an election cycle to be elongated!   Good Lord!

But that is precisely what Wisconsin Republicans have in store for many citizens in the state, all for the sole purpose of allowing the challenged Republican state senators more time to defend their actions regarding collective bargaining. 

The last thing voters want to hear in the heat of summer are even more campaign ads, all for a primary race that did not have to happen.  No one wants to find another reason for a brochure on the door handle, or another series of robo-calls on the answering machine.  No one wants another plea for campaign donations that would only fund a race that is actually nothing more than a partisan game.

In other words, voters are in no mood for political chicanery.

That is, however, what the GOP is hoping to have happen in Wisconsin.  While those hatching such an idea might think it down-right brilliant, citizens of the state understand this tactic is another sign of how frightful Republicans are of the voters.

If the GOP are playing these games now, what will they concoct by the time Governor Walker’s recall election is nearing early next year.

I suggest that the Wisconsin Republican Party just…what was the term from the 2010 mid-term elections they used….oh, yes…’man up’….and face the electorate.

All the additional political bombast, money, and wasted time that would result from this political dirty trick will only make for a rougher outcome for those Republicans who have already riled the average voter.  

For all the artlessness of his statement, Senator Randy Hopper said what most are thinking.

Frankly, Hopper said, he would prefer to have his election as soon as possible. He would hope that neither he nor his likely opponent, Jessica King, has a primary race.

“Let me freakin’ be done,” Hopper said.

The Republican Party knows the day of reckoning with the voters is growing near, and they also correctly do not sense a lowering of the anger that exists around the state over the collective bargaining issue.

To stir the pot with a dose of dirty political tricks will only make the electorate even more frustrated and more prepared to cast a ballot in the recall elections.

10 thoughts on “Wisconsin Republicans Beware: Voters Do Not Want Longer Recall Campaigns

  1. Patrick

    This is just a legal way for voters to learn more about the candidates. If it was good enough for the fleebaggers, it should be good enough here. Besides, almost all democrats run as republicans until they are in office.

  2. Alex

    Isn’t this pretty much the strategy though? To make people so tired of campaigns that there is no energy to recall Walker or any of the odd-numbered senators (Lasee, Vukmir, Leibham, Moulton, Wanggard, Galloway, etc)

  3. Patrick,

    Should I be surprised that you support a Nixonion tactic such as the WI GOP is now attempting?

    Furthermore this has nothing to do with voters learning more about candidates….are you kidding me with this comment?

    Why are you scared of the voters?

  4. “From La Crosse to Fond Du Lac, from River Hills to Coloma the last thing the electorate ever wants is for an election cycle to be elongated!”

    But isn’t that exactly what the recalls are doing?

  5. David,

    Those places are where recalls are being held…I listed them for that reason…but there is never a good time in the minds of voters to make the cycle even longer and force more ads etc. upon them. With this idea by the GOP that is exactly what would happen.

  6. Patrick


    Where do you think republicans got the idea for these tactics? Dems did it in Wisconsin last year.

    My comment about the voters learning more was a commentary on the pathetic justification given by the fleebaggers.

    I’m not scared of the voters, and my suspicion is that “recall fever” has run its course.

  7. Patrick,

    Go back and read the reaction of the Republicans at the time regarding the matter you mention in your comment.

    If you do you will find this…..”Mark Jefferson, the state Republican Party executive director at the time, called that move a “nasty, cynical ploy.”

    Now either you have lofty ideals about government and the political process and denounce this move by the GOP planned for the recalls, or you accept this act as the way politics should be be handled. This direction you take will, at the end of the day, say as much about you as the political climate of the state. This is one of those defining moments about the state of the political landscape. I trust you land on the side that plays to the history books.

    I think you are…our political differences aside….way off the mark and out of touch when it comes to the anger that is ‘out there.’

    I was in Olsen’s district recently and can attest to the anger on middle-American sidewalks. I can see why Olsen is afraid of the voters.

  8. Patrick

    Politics are nasty, but republicans sometimes need to play by the rules of democrats. Each time I see one of these new dirty tricks, I know that what is shocking today is normal tomorrow. Unfortunately, this is not new and the same strategy was employed elsewhere by democrats across the country. Did you denounce the trick then as nasty and dirty…or would you have just said this is what democracy looks like?

    Anyone with a slight understanding of the history of elections has to by cynical.

    As for the anger–well, it seems to have faded from the faculty rooms I’ve been in. People are just tired of this more than anything else. But we’ll see.

  9. ppaul

    AFSCME union organizer Jason Sidener recruited Andrew Wisniewski to run as a Republican in an attempt to siphon votes away from Ziegelbauer in the conservative district.

    Nuff Said

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