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Closing Arguments Start In Rod Blagojevich Trial After Failed Handshake Attempt

June 8, 2011

In case anyone missed the moment let me set the stage.

Earlier in the trial Rod Blagojevich was finished testifying at his corruption trial.  He leaves the stand, stepping down with hand out-stretched to shake with the lead prosecutor.

Say what?!

Rod…Rod…Rod…this is not a stump speech appearance where you meet the folks, kiss some babies, grab some cash, and zip off in a car to another function.

Rod Blagojevich your butt is on the line, and this is not a political production! 

As my readers might assume the offer of a handshake was rebuffed by the prosecutor.

Now the action turns to closing arguments.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Carrie Hamilton is set to deliver closing argument, which will likely take us the rest of this afternoon.

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