Why Has Congressman Weiner Story Not Been Interesting To Caffeinated Politics?

Some might look at Caffeinated Politics and wonder why the absence of any mention of the story that has captivated the nation concerning Congressman Weiner?  Why has there been no posts about the pictures and texts sent by the liberal Democratic Congressman?  Why would I take off after John Edwards and John Ensign and other politicians but not mention Weiner?

Simply put because never once has Congressman Weiner ever held himself up as a religious defender of the family in the way other politicians often do every campaign cycle.  Never once has Weiner used some religious perspective to denounce ‘lifestyles’ or use pictures of his family to somehow hoist his image as something he is not.  Never once has Congressman Weiner offered himself as a holier-than-thou candidate for office. 

In other words the lack of hypocrisy has kept the Weiner story from my blog.  Weiner never used his family for pictures and remarks the way Sarah Palin does, or the way John Edwards did.

Another reason this story has not garnered posts here is the lack of any legal issues that would prevent Weiner from serving in office.  If Weiner used his office, or federal computer etc. for the sending of texts and pictures than the story takes on a different slant.  If that were to occur then this blog would weigh in on the story.

Having said that there is no denying that Congressman Weiner is a cad, and one that does not deserve support from those who must concentrate on bigger issues and personalities as we head to 2012.  But to make this story into some political moral pageant misses the mark as Weiner never ran for public office in that way.  

As I have stated before hypocrisy matters.

3 thoughts on “Why Has Congressman Weiner Story Not Been Interesting To Caffeinated Politics?

  1. Patrick

    So lying numerous times about his account being hacked and hurling obviously false accusations at the media doesn’t bother you? What else is he willing to lie about?

    Just the other day you chidded me: “Now either you have lofty ideals about government and the political process and denounce this…” and: “This is one of those defining moments about the state of the political landscape. I trust you land on the side that plays to the history books.”

    But because this guy is not some evangelical or conservative you give him a pass? Who is out of touch now?

  2. Patrick,

    While I have many thoughts about lying to the media, the post was directly about the reason before this one that there was no other mention of Weiner on my blog.
    It comes down to hypocrisy as I have stated over and over on my blog. I have been consistent about the matter of hypocrisy.

  3. Sue

    This particular human being is just to bizarre ; )… Talk about destroy your career truly being mindless! But yet to be truthful doing this ought to not differ peoples viewpoint relating to him, Come on , man at what time can we leave personal lifestyle inside their home??

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