GOP Recall Candidate Kim Simac Involved In “Swapped Spouses”


Perhaps as a fund-raising event there can be one big old-fashioned ‘key-party’ for the Kim Simac campaign.  

Is there no shame for these candidates that tout their moral fitness for office and then live a life that makes most just shake their head?

Before we get to “swapped spouses” it might be important to read from the website of Kim Simac, a conservative ‘pro-family’ (she must mean multi-family!) candidate running in a recall election in Wisconsin.  Thanks to Blogging  Blue for the material.

According to her campaign website, Tea Party Republican Kim Simac (pictured, right) says, “I believe in the preservation of the family and traditional family values, and will fight for legislation to protect them. To be strong, Wisconsin needs to support the traditional family structure…”

Now to the shake your head part of this story.

Kim Simac, a Republican candidate in one of the recall elections expected this summer, said Monday the fact that her ex-husband married her current husband’s ex-wife is “one of those quirky American stories.”

Over the past week or so, websites have picked up a report by, a liberal “citizen journalism website,” that said Simac “swapped spouses.” The report says she is a hyopcrite because she promotes family values.

Court records show that both Kim Simac — then known as Kim Maillette — and Arthur Simac filed for divorce from their spouses on Dec. 15, 1993, in Vilas County.

Kim Simac said she married Arthur Simac in 1995 and that their ex-spouses married each other sometime later. She said she is not proud that she divorced, but feels fortunate to have married Arthur Simac, as they have helped raise nine children from their previous marriages together.

17 thoughts on “GOP Recall Candidate Kim Simac Involved In “Swapped Spouses”

  1. tania820

    “the fact that her ex-husband married her current husband’s ex-wife”

    So what? Country superstar Shania Twain married Frederic Thiebaud, ex-husband of Marie Theibaud. Marie is the woman whose affair with Mutt Lange broke up Shania’s marriage to Mutt.

    In short, WHO CARES what ex-spouses are up to, hence the phrase ‘EX’.

    This article smells to high heaven of desperation.

  2. Stephen

    This is a ridiculous.
    No, I take that back. YOU are ridiculous.

    I hope it really chaps your backside that no matter what happens in this race, you whining, half truth telling juveniles won’t take back the Wisconsin State Senate.

  3. Stephen,

    I accept your throwing in of the towel on this race. You must be aware of the polling too. Simac was a mess of a candidate. I think there was a chance to have defeated Holperin with a rational alternative. But ignorance trumped logic. That is often the problem with teabaggers.

  4. Ryan Sanders

    Kim Simac also compared public schools to NAZI indoctrination centers.

    This lady is just too wacky to be put in a position of authority


    I’m sick of all these crap stories put out by the liberals. I’ve heard that liberalism is a mental disorder and I’m starting to beleive it! Hell, if the two parties can’t get together any longer then let’s divide this country into two countries and let each person decide where you want to live. The conservatives can then have their capitalism, freedom and liberty and the liberals can have their socialism. Let’s do this, lefties to the left of the MIssissippi and righties to the right of the Mississippi. Who’s for it?

  6. Keith,

    I think the liberals should have the places of higher education since we enjoy learning, and conservatives could have the places with the juke joints and pool halls. You might take a look at the map and note where sexaully transmitted diseases are at the highest and look at the breakdown of how those places voted. Look at the red states down south and notice the levels of gonorrhea. In a divided nation as you describe the whole damn lot of you would be infected and living like rabbits.

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