Madison Mayor Paul Soglin More Mellow Regarding Military Flights From Truax

In light of the F-16 that crashed this week in Wisconsin, an aircraft that was part of the Air National Guard unit based at Truax Field, comes this reminder of how Madison Mayor Paul Soglin once viewed the military training flights.  The tone of Soglin’s remarks after the crash seemed to be far different from his former perspective.

In the mid-1990s, Madison Mayor Paul Soglin said the flights out of Truax were an unacceptable risk to Madison residents.

On Wednesday he praised the Guard for its safety precautions.

“I know that the Air National Guard is concerned for the safety of civilians and the dedicated men and women who serve our country,” Soglin said in an email to the State Journal. “I am confident that Wisconsin Air National Guard … is taking appropriate steps to ensure everyone’s safety. We are all grateful that the pilot was not seriously injured.”

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