Ohio Phone Number For Kim Simac Who Wants To Be Wisconsin Recall Candidate…Say What?

Thanks to MAL Contends we have this nugget of news.

This seems typical of Wisconsin Republicans as they attempt to not only undermine the working class of Wisconsin, but also thwart the will of the people as it relates to an honest recall effort of elected officials.

Republican and Tea Partier Kim Simac (Eagle River) is challenging State Sen. Jim Holperin (D-Conover) in a recall election verified yesterday by the Government Accountability Board.

But according to Simac’s press release, if you want to contact the Simac campaign, you have to call the 216 area code that covers greater Cleveland, Ohio.

That’s because the campaign contact, Samantha Osborne, has not established her Wisconsin residency, said Osborne this morning. Osborne is new to the district

4 thoughts on “Ohio Phone Number For Kim Simac Who Wants To Be Wisconsin Recall Candidate…Say What?

  1. GernBlanston

    Out of touch, out of state, out of area code or out of brains….does it matter?!? Most days a darning needle jammed into my eye would be less painful!!!

  2. Father Jim

    Really? Is this the best Mrs. Simac’s opponents can do? A staff person on the campaign still has an out of state telephone number? And then a comment that she’s out of touch? Kim Simac lives in the district and has for years. Her children attended our local schools. She and her husband run businesses here. She doesn’t have out of state unions pouring thousands of dollars into television ads in the hope that they’ll be able to keep their guaranteed vote on all union matters. Mrs. Simac couldn’t be more in touch with the people of the district, because she’s one of them. Mr. Holperin on the other hand has been in the legislature his whole career. Down in Madison when he’s not fleeing to Illinois to avoid doing the job he was elected to do. Now that’s out of touch.

  3. Henry Bohenstengel

    Kim Simac has blinded so many people with her Holperin wasn’t doing his job bull crap when just the opposite is true. He was very much doing his job by trying to keep dictator walker and his political cronies from trying to jam some really bad political policies down the citizens of Wisconsin’s throats without seeing or knowing what was all in this ill conceived republican power grab. Bravo to senator Holperin and the others who joined him. Meanwhile Kim Simac with her soul wrenching concern for us poor citizens of our district turned out to only be trying to create a chance at a job for herself!. How do all you folks that were suckered into signing a recall petition that was really an overt way for Kim Simac to create a chance for her to try and be elected senator feel now? I can still see some of you sitting on the tailgates of your trucks right outside the door to the Saint Germain voting place on election day trying to get signatures on the recall petition. Isn’t that kind of thing illegal at the voting polls on election day? If it isn’t it sure should be. Oh well The beginning of next year isn’t that far away and guess who can be recalled then. I can hardly wait. A really concerned citizen who’s property taxes are not delinquent. H Bohenstengel Saint Germain Wisconsin

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