What Is Kathy O’Malley (From WGN’s Kathy And Judy Show) Doing These Days?

Long-time CP readers know I was ‘a girlfriend’, a  name given to all regardless of sex who listened and loved Kathy O’Malley and Judy Markey as they allowed listeners to smile, laugh, and cry on WGN radio.  It was radio at its finest for late morning listeners.

Kathy and Judy were fired when management changed at the station, and the blow back was fast and furious.  In a short period the management would be fired too.  What goes around, comes around.  Sometimes just not fast enough.

Many listeners such as myself wonder ‘what ever happened to…’?  There were so many wonderful voices and colorful personalities that it is impossible to just let them slip from memory.

Today we know one of those answers thanks to the always readable Robert Feder.

Since leaving WGN, O’Malley sold her condo in Lakeview and now lives outside of Princeton, Illinois, an idyllic town of 7,000 about 120 miles southwest of Chicago. The grandmother of four spends much of her time tending to her “ridiculously large garden” (for which she uses a riding mower) and working as a volunteer for Princeton’s tourism board. “I’m settled, I’m happy, I’ve made some wonderful new friends — and kept the old ones,” she said.

O’Malley also recently completed producing a video history of the town, featuring excerpts of hour-long interviews she conducted with 30 senior citizens who grew up there. We Remember will have its first public screening tonight at the Princeton Public Library. Sales of the DVD will benefit the Bureau County Historical Society.

Her latest venture is a video production company she formed with her daughter, Colleen O’Malley. Past Present Videos will specialize in recording personal interviews and preserving them as family histories for future generations.

“I have been so lucky with everything,” O’Malley said. “I was in the right place at the right time so many times. At both Tribune companies when it was really fun to work there. And even now, to be retired here in Princeton. I know I’ve been very, very lucky.”

39 thoughts on “What Is Kathy O’Malley (From WGN’s Kathy And Judy Show) Doing These Days?

  1. Is there some kind of unwritten law in TV or Radio that says if a popular performer or performers are fired by Incompetent Bastards that the next Management team can’t go to the performer and say “Look we’re sorry, come on back we will give you a new extended contract and a bump up in Salary for what you went through”?

    Or does that make too much sense?

    My mom to this day has not put on WGN Radio because of this.

  2. Lynne Ebert

    I listened to Kathy and Judy for so many years. They helped to get me through my mother’s cancer. They gave me laughs and cries and lots of good adivice over the years. I still miss them so much. Even tho I never met them, I felt a deep connection. Still missing the famous twosome…

  3. Kathleen O'Mara

    Glad you are happy, but still miss hearing you and Judy on the radio. My radio is not turned on at work and now I watch Channel 7 in the morning and keep the radio off.

  4. Reba Eich

    So we now have an update on Kathy……what about Judy? Where is she and what is she doing? Miss them both so much. What a horrendous executive decision was made when they were invited to leave. Since all the huge changes in programming, my dial is SELDOM set at 720. Why couldn’t they leave a good thing alone?

  5. mary ferguson

    I too, like so many others really miss Kathy and Judy and Steve Cochran. I used to have the radio tuned to 720 from morning till evening. Now I have the tv on during the day and only listen to John Williams in the afternoon and Lou and Dean on the weekends, but that is it. I really wish they would extend the hours for Johns program and get rid of that idiot Mike McConnel in the 8-12:20 slot. All of the replaced hosts are now male and unfortunately there are no female replacements to voice our thoughts and opinions like Kathy and Judy had done all those years – sure wish they would bring Kathy and Judy back.

  6. Peggy Cox

    I never thought I would turn off WGN 720 in the morning on my way to work –
    but now I listen to audio books!!
    What happened to this station? If they get rid of John Williams and Gary Meier
    that will be it for that station.
    Very bad decision making.
    Peggy Cox

  7. jane hammar

    i use to have my wgn station on from 5 til 6 at nite, now, with almost all of my favorites gone, we are sooo upset, its music most of the time , no, to branmeier, no to mcconnell, yes to john williams and garry m, whoever is running that station is loosing the 50plus audience for the younger generation and its a real shame. i miss all my old friends!!!!!!!! booo on management

  8. Bob Wilson

    I really miss K & J. I no longer listen to WGN…nothing that interests me. I bought an XM radio & subsrription in place of. Really, really,really miss those Christmas letters once a year. Love you both & THANK YOU!

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