Ryman Auditorium Site Of Anti-Gay Rant By Tracy Morgan

This story pains me in various ways.

First, and foremost the Ryman Auditorium is a most special place in the history of radio and country music.  It was from this building constructed in the early 1890s by riverboat captain Thomas Ryman that first housed the Union Gospel Tabernacle, and later the world-famous Grand Ole Opry.    So it is easy to see why I feel upset when rancid ‘comedy’ that spews from the likes of Tracy Morgan are able to stand on the stage that many rightly consider a most special place.

In 1952 a photo of real talent was taken from the Opry stage.  I use this photo for a reason, in spite of it being almost impossible to make out the faces.  That there were so many notables that could gather at the Opry nearly sixty years ago, and still be known today by their musical successes underscores the reverence people have for this stage.

By the time you get to the end of this post it will be clear that Tracy Morgan is not worthy to even sneak a glance into the Ryman Auditorium, let alone take the stage!

Now the Ryman Auditorium is in the news again.  This time however not because of memories about Roy Acuff and Minnie Pearl, or the music shows that fill the famed pews.  No, this time the Ryman Auditorium is in the news for trash talk thanks to bigoted comic Tracy Morgan who ‘performed’ there on June 3, 2011.

During the show Tracy Morgan said if his son was gay he better come home and talk to him like a man and not (he mimicked a gay, high pitched voice) or he would pull out a knife and stab that little (and then used the N word.)

That is only part of the anti-gay and racist rant. People who were at the show have reported that the demeanor of being a ‘comic’ left Tracy Morgan’s face, and he took on a hateful look.  Hard to smile when you are talking about carving up your child. 

There is more….FAR MORE…concerning the sewage that pumped out of Tracy Morgans mouth, but what I posted above is enough for CP.   I am certain most of America finds this totally out-of-bounds, as I do.

The hate and rage exhibited by angry people such as Tracy Morgan astounds me.  We all shake our head at the pathetic sight of Fred Phelps and think his bigotry is because he is a backwoods hick.  Then we see a supposedly ‘hip’ black man like Morgan Tracy acting as bat-shit crazy as the Kansas pastor and wonder what is wrong with these people.

Morgan was never funny on Saturday Night Live, but at least he was kept in check by (thankfully) the limits of television.  Morgan seems to have no real talent at true comedy so makes for the most outlandish statements and that is supposed to make ticket sales increase at future venues.  A most absurd business plan!

I suggest the rancid Morgan consider how the stars who stood on the Opry stage made a welcoming name for themselves.  Though not in the picture above, Porter Wagoner is one example Tracy Morgan might consider.

While working in a meat shop in West Plains, Missouri Wagoner delivered his hopes via music over KWPM. His small band played over the airwaves from the store!

Unlike the slick promotions or well-heeled promoters that Morgan has, stars of the early Opry had to make it on real talent!  A concept more might think about.  With talent and ambition along with a dose of luck many made music history.  With limited money, but boundless desire, Porter moved to a radio station in Springfield, Missouri where an RCA recording contract soon followed. Even then sales were sparse, and it was not until 1957 that he first stepped on the stage at the Ryman Auditorium.

Sadly when Tracy Morgan made his first appearance on the Opry stage the only thing he left behind was a national mess.

Lets hope someone opened the glass windows in the building and let the stench out!

And let us never allow it to happen at the Ryman Auditorium again!

5 thoughts on “Ryman Auditorium Site Of Anti-Gay Rant By Tracy Morgan

  1. l cohn

    My opinion has always been that he is about
    as funny as a visit with Death! Absolutely
    talentless, as well as tasteless.

    Larry Cohn

  2. Larry Davis

    CNN is carrying a story on his “way too far” act and his apology. He acknowledges that he wasn’t funny and was totally inappropriate. What’s hard to understand is how anyone can go to such extremes in the first place. Is some evil force taking control of their body and mind and forcing them to act out their deep seated hatred? What happened to self control? What happened to respect for decorum and the inclination most people have to not inflict pain on other innocent people? Morgan should be banned from performing at the Ryman for life.

    Larry Davis

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  4. RW

    I read with sadness when things like this happen, but nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to the way in which Gaylord does business. If it makes a buck (though I have no idea why anyone would pay to see some of the things they allow in the Ryman in this day and age outside of the Opry and bluegrass), then they are 100% for it no matter how moral or immoral it is.

    You look at the way the Opry shows have been stripped from 4 two and a half hour shows (with the two one hour matinees Friday and Saturday) on the weekends in the summer to the current 2 two hour shows running in the summer time (not including weekday shows), and it is evident that Gaylord could care less about the Opry or the history behind it.

    Sponsorships have dwindled from forty to just five or six per weekend, and since Gaylord began selling beer and wine at the Opry, they had to incorporate a beer and smoke break in the middle of the show, breaking up the radio continuity of it. The treatment of the older (and better IMHO) artists, musicians, and support staff has ended my support for Gaylord things, with the exception if a family member wants to pay for it and go see and wants me to go along, although I would think long and hard about it then before I would go. The family shows that have been an icon with the Opry in the past are just that – a thing of the past. Although I love the older artist that appear there, and aupport them every cxhance I can outside of the Opry, the rock artists allowed to go onto the Opry unvetted just gets to me and I just don’t see where they should ever be allowed to go on the stage and take the few spots left on the Opry that others are more deserving to have that are members.

    Opry membership seems to be a joke to those in control now since the ones who are not members take precedence over the ones that are in scheduling and appearances. It isn’t right, but then , who said life would continue to be right.

    Forgive me for the rant, but these kinds of things are going to happen when Gaylord is out only for a buck no matter what the audiences think. It is no longer the Opry for the fans or the purity of country music, but just for the cold hard cash they can get out of tour groups and those that like the rock stuff they push out today (and can’t stand the country music the Opry has stood for). A fan of Montgomery Gentry would not at all like the music or sound of Roy Acuff, and vise versa.

    This event was just wrong, and the fact that Gaylord issues statements saying they have no control over what their performers say on the stage of their venues and they are not responsible. But in my opinion they are since they hired them.

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