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State Senator Luther Olsen Proves He Is Not Fiscal Conservative, Recall Elections Proof

June 17, 2011

There is no way to deny the fact the will of the people are being expressed in the recall elections that are being waged in many sections of Wisconsin.  Be they Democrat or Republican, the people of this state are making a statement about collective bargaining, the political process, and their views about government in general.

With that being said should anyone try to get in front of the anger and steer it off to the side, or ham-string the intent of the electorate when they are in so foul a mood?  Would that decision to slow down the recalls even be more fool-hardy if there was a hefty price-tag associated with it that the average taxpayer would have to be pick up?

Call me whatever you wish, but I do not think I am politically naive.  For many weeks I have thought the actions of State Senator Luther Olsen have been nothing short of a series of mistakes.  From court challenges to his recall, and Olsen endorsing “protest candidates” in order to slow down the recall process, have all seemed to me signs of desperation, and not the image of a firmly-grounded elected official. 

I think Olsen should have just stood on his position, and fought from there as a senator.  The actions he has taken concerning the recall makes him look smaller, and far less assured that the vote he cast on collective bargaining was a good one.

Today comes another story that is set to undermine Olsen, and further illuminate his past blunders,

A recall election for Republican Luther Olsen’s state Senate seat is likely to cost local governments nearly $350,000, according to an analysis by the Baraboo News Republic.

The cost otherwise would have been half that amount had Republicans not decided to run a fake Democratic candidate against Olsen’s opponent, Rep. Fred Clark, D-Baraboo, in order to force a primary contest.

To conduct its analysis, the News Republic requested cost estimates from the 10 county clerks within the 14th Senate District.

The cost tally for those who responded was $172,749 for the general recall election. Clerks said the primary contest forced by the candidacy of Rol Church of Wautoma will double their costs, which would bring the total to $345,498.

Church is a Republican supporter, but has filed paperwork as a Democrat in order to force Clark to face a primary election.

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