Former State Senator Dave Zien Shows Instability At Wisconsin Capitol

My dad always instilled in his three children one constant refrain.  At the end of the day all you have is your good name.  That came to mind today as news spread that former Republican State Senator Dave Zien had made a spectacle of himself while in the Wisconsin Capitol rotunda.

Photo of Dave Zien comes from Blue Cheddar Blog

Among the crowd was former Republican State Senator Dave Zien, who is wheelchair-bound as the result of a motorcycle accident in March in which his left leg was partially amputated. Zien went down to the rotunda floor and aggressively rolled his wheelchair over the singers’ belongings and some of their toes while yelling, “Scott Walker for President!” Solidarity Singers called for the police, but despite their unusually large numbers in and around the Capitol they did not immediately show up.

While I can understand getting caught up in the mood of a political rally, or becoming energized over an issue I can not fathom ramming others with a wheel chair or acting totally inappropriately in a public space as Zien did on Tuesday.  After having had the responsibility of being an elected official placed on his shoulders, I would have hoped Zien could have acted more in accordance with an elder former member of the legislature and set a better example.

Sadly that did not occur.

Conservatives have talked about ‘union goons’ and all sorts of threats aimed at elected officials when it came to the protests that took place over the past months at the Capitol.  Dave Zien proved with his conduct that the lowest common denominator can be found at both ends of the political spectrum.

15 thoughts on “Former State Senator Dave Zien Shows Instability At Wisconsin Capitol

  1. you're amazingly un-informed

    Dave Zein has not been well for a long time. Elected officials can be “un-well” just as much as any other person. You write that he is unstable, and yet you chide him for…being unstable. He is unstable.
    You may as well go around the rest of Madison reprimanding all the other “un-well” people for being what they are too. I’m a bit uncomfortable with a supposed liberal (and with age you write less and less like one each day) equating obviously ill people as “lowest common denominator”.
    You can’t force mental health services on people who are not a danger to themselves or others. It’s looking like Zein is heading that way, his leg would certainly say that as well as the “singers” toes.

    I see your other headline in which an addicted person is called a jackass. I won’t be reading that one, but i sure hope you”re not employed in the Social Service field or as a mental health equal rights activist. .
    But yeah – Dave Zein is unstable. And he’s making a spectacle of himself. Having held power at one time does nothing to stave off the ravages of life and fate. Or mental illness.
    Get a clue.

  2. Thanks for commenting.

    I worked in the State Assembly when Zien was serving there and know his antics. You may call it mental illness…I think Zien is just a blow hard that needs to be called out. Calling him out on his behavior is not out of bounds since he was acting in this way in the Capitol rotunda. As for Dunn, I have no way of knowing if he has an addiction. That Dunn drank too much and got behind the wheel of his car was the point of the post. Drinking and driving get attention on CP, and if that makes me less than a liberal, which I do not think it does, than so be it. I was not aware there was a degree of ‘correctness’ that needed to be passed in order to be a liberal blogger.

    All the same, thanks for commenting.

  3. Get your story staight

    If your going to post a blog then next time get your story straight before posting something so incorrect. Dave didn’t “Aggressively roll over belonging or RUN OVER TOES” there is video to prove it.

    Its funny how everyone thinks he has a “mental illness” and is “UNSTABLE!!!” WHY? HE has a right to speak his beliefs just like everyone else does. But if its not a liberal belief then he’s nuts, right? What about the idiots down at the capitol protesting everyday acting like idiots that have damaged over $2million at our capitol…Thats okay? Now we (the taxpayers) are paying the price. But Daves the nuts one??

    Dave may seem nuts… but, why? cuz he now has long hair and a beard who is bound to a wheelchair? its his passion and drive towards life and wiliness to help others that makes him so different from others. He is kind hearted and will do anything to help someone in need. EVEN AFTER they have bashed him in the media.

    He doesn’t need psychiatric help people he just loves life and is not afraid to speak his mind and let everyone know what his beliefs are. Its called PASSION!! and LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST!

  4. The length of his hair or beard is not in question.

    His actions are what this blog centered on.

    You will note that the portion you quoted came from a source I linked to for my post.

    I knew him when working at the Capitol and he was always short of a full load of timber.

  5. Solly

    I (along with witnesses) personally saw Dave Zien run many red lights in Madison on his chopper, but you know,he had the flag on the back, so it was all right. On his was to the capitol where he collected automobile mileage rates for riding his cycle, unlike any other state employe. And sleeping in his office while claiming full per diem. Which, while totally legal, is totally hypocritical of a “small gubment” conservative who claimed to care about spending. Hope he doesn’t use one of them damned personal injury lawyers to get a big settlement in his accident case. It will raise insurance and health care rates.

  6. Lots of military stories too that never seemed to jive with the facts. I recall he always wanted to make others feel he was one of the brothers of the tribe when it came to military matters, but then the facts got in the way of the story-telling. Lots can be read about his fancy tales here…..

    I first met Dave Zein doing push-ups in a mens room at the Capitol. I was coming in to take a wizz, and there he was with his hands on the floor counting off push-ups. I always wondered who the first person was to shake his hands after that….yuck!

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