First Signs Of Retaliation For Wisconsin Businesses That Protest Concealed Carry

It did not take long to find the first evidence of the next battle that will be waged by the NRA and their minions in Wisconsin.  All we need in in the Badger State this year is another set of tensions.

After buying enough legislative votes to allow for passage of concealed carry, a hotly contested measure that many feel will only create more gun violence in our society, comes the first sign from NRA types of what will happen to businesses that reject wanting customers packing a weapon.

From the Wisconsin State Journal comes the following.

Dylan Fredericks doesn’t carry a gun, but he plans to after Gov. Scott Walker signs into law legislation making it legal to carry concealed weapons in Wisconsin.

And the employee of PT Firearms in Cross Plains suspects he’s not alone.

“We’ve really seen an uptick in business,” he said. “The past week we’ve probably sold about 15 different guns.”  (The sales of more guns has long been a reason some supported this bill.)

Also, Mayor Paul Soglin said he plans to enact an ordinance that would require written permission for gun owners to carry a weapon on private property in Madison.

Frederick, the gun store employee, said he would boycott businesses that bar concealed carry.

Boycott businesses for not bowing to the whims of the NRA!

On June 3rd I wroteWe all know the power of the NRA, and the lengths they go to win every political battle. Can anyone say with a straight face that the NRA will not encourage their members to make contact with businesses that are brave and smart enough not to allow gun on their premises? Can anyone honestly say that the NRA will not try to muscle these places of business opposed to concealed carry? If you think this is not likely…

The seams of Wisconsin society have been so stretched over the past five months to the point that nothing in the morning newspaper surprises me anymore.  Not even the latest threats from pro-gun fanatics.  With the fraying of social niceties I sense real anger taking the place of common sense.  Now with the added ingredient of concealed carry, and the ‘shoot first mentality’ that too many people harbor whether it be with the use of a car horn on the beltline, or the hurling of an expletive at a filling station, there is real cause for concern.

The mood in Wisconsin is dour these days.  It has been that way since mid-February.  I see nothing on the horizon to alter that mindset.

15 thoughts on “First Signs Of Retaliation For Wisconsin Businesses That Protest Concealed Carry

  1. One of the chief underlying aims of pro-gun groups is to normalize guns as a fact of life.

    If you think of using this comment section for that purpose, please find another forum.

  2. Ron Groskreutz

    I am not sure what you by “Guns as a way of life”. Your article makes it sound as though anyone who is pro gun must be a crazy person who is on the brink of committing a crime at any moment. I don’t think that is true. I think most people are raised by their parents to make good, sound decisions. Whether they are armed citizens or not, should have no impact on their decisions. Crimes are committed by people regardless of the legalities of carrying a weapon. I do hunt and fish with my children, as I did with my father. I belong to a shooting range, where I take my wife and children on occasion, to shoot targets. We enjoy these activities together, and I see no harm in it.
    Do you have issue with these types of practices, or are just again the concealed carry law?

  3. Ron,

    I have no issue with target range shooting. In fact, I think it would be best if guns were kept at such places and used only for such purposes.

    My comment about “guns as a way of life” sums up the fact this nation is no longer…and should no longer…resemble the wild west. There is no real reason to have concealed guns other than the NRA creating an atmosphere of a need. Much like several years back a ketchup maker thought sales would go up with green ketchup. Creating a need does not make a real need. For decades in state after state with concealed carry that is what the NRA has done.

    Gun makers, gun dealers, and a large misguided segement of America has created needless deaths and injuries.

    In a study of 23 high-income countries in 2003 there were 29,771 firearms deaths in the U.S. and 7,653 firearms deaths in the other 22 countries combined.

  4. Keith Schmitz

    There are many more people who are against c/c than for it. If they think they are going to boycott a business that does not allow weapons on premise, my bet is there are many more people who would patronize the place.

  5. Patrick

    But what are the facts? According to the training expert I heard interviewed today, he expects Wisconsin to issue no more than 100,000 permits in the first five years. According to statistics from other states, fewer than 2% of those people carry their guns in any given day. What is the population of Wisconsin, like 4 mil? This hardly seems like the wild west to me.

  6. Saying that the police will always protect ya so you don’t need to carry a gun is like saying there is no need for Labor Unions because OSHA will keep you safe. Both statements show a lack of understanding of how things actually work in the real world.

    A friend of mine who was raped a couple years ago has been risking a felony ever since by carrying her own protection. I’m happy that she at least has piece of mind about not getting in trouble with the law anymore.

  7. martin

    If the NRA is so all-powerful, why did it take over ten years to get a law passed with a governor that would sign it? If they and their minions are unstoppable, why did they capitulate on requiring permits instead of going the way of Wyoming, Arizona, Alaska, and Vermont that have permitless carry?

  8. The public is opposed to concealed carry and polls show that to be the case. That is why is took over a decade to do this in Wisconsin. The poll commissioned by WAVE is consistent with a 2003 Badger Poll, done by the University of Wisconsin Survey Center, that showed a 69 percent opposition to concealed carry.

    Nationally, in a 2005 USA Today/CNN/Gallup poll, 65 percent of Americans said they would feel less safe in a place that allows loaded, concealed weapons.

    It was only when those who do not listen to the voters, and I am not sure if you are in WI or not but if you are then you must be aware of the reckless manner in which the political process has been handled in the state by the GOP. I use to work in the Assembly and can tell you the process of government has been sullied by the GOP. The concealed caryr is but example.

  9. no4gman

    Just wondering if dekerivers has also complained about the Unions who have taken their money from M & I bank?

    You know, the unions who have their members muscle the local bank businesses who don’t support their political views, and close their accounts and withdraw all their cash. Seems like that’s the same as having the NRA support boycots of businesses that don’t support the NRA’s view.

    But it’s ok if the Unions do it.

  10. I support boycotts. If you feel passionate about something, especially something you believe is a God-given right, you should only support businesses and organizations that support that right. That said, for every business they boycott for banning guns there are at least two people who will support that business.

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