First Signs Of Retaliation For Wisconsin Businesses That Protest Concealed Carry

It did not take long to find the first evidence of the next battle that will be waged by the NRA and their minions in Wisconsin.  All we need in in the Badger State this year is another set of tensions.

After buying enough legislative votes to allow for passage of concealed carry, a hotly contested measure that many feel will only create more gun violence in our society, comes the first sign from NRA types of what will happen to businesses that reject wanting customers packing a weapon.

From the Wisconsin State Journal comes the following.

Dylan Fredericks doesn’t carry a gun, but he plans to after Gov. Scott Walker signs into law legislation making it legal to carry concealed weapons in Wisconsin.

And the employee of PT Firearms in Cross Plains suspects he’s not alone.

“We’ve really seen an uptick in business,” he said. “The past week we’ve probably sold about 15 different guns.”  (The sales of more guns has long been a reason some supported this bill.)

Also, Mayor Paul Soglin said he plans to enact an ordinance that would require written permission for gun owners to carry a weapon on private property in Madison.

Frederick, the gun store employee, said he would boycott businesses that bar concealed carry.

Boycott businesses for not bowing to the whims of the NRA!

On June 3rd I wroteWe all know the power of the NRA, and the lengths they go to win every political battle. Can anyone say with a straight face that the NRA will not encourage their members to make contact with businesses that are brave and smart enough not to allow gun on their premises? Can anyone honestly say that the NRA will not try to muscle these places of business opposed to concealed carry? If you think this is not likely…

The seams of Wisconsin society have been so stretched over the past five months to the point that nothing in the morning newspaper surprises me anymore.  Not even the latest threats from pro-gun fanatics.  With the fraying of social niceties I sense real anger taking the place of common sense.  Now with the added ingredient of concealed carry, and the ‘shoot first mentality’ that too many people harbor whether it be with the use of a car horn on the beltline, or the hurling of an expletive at a filling station, there is real cause for concern.

The mood in Wisconsin is dour these days.  It has been that way since mid-February.  I see nothing on the horizon to alter that mindset.

15 thoughts on “First Signs Of Retaliation For Wisconsin Businesses That Protest Concealed Carry

  1. U.P. CPL

    Next you’ll say wolves have never killed a human being in North America! 😉 Good night friend, and have a great weekend.

  2. John

    Guns are a fact of life and a right protected by the Constitution. There is a reason only 2 States don’t currently allow law abiding citizens to carry them concealed on their person. Those who wish to walk around unarmed and entrust their defense to the Police or to chance or on the decency of any criminal that might confront them, fine, but don’t force other people to be easy victims because of it.

  3. John,

    Your whining echoes of the NRA line make those of us with common sense snicker.

    You must live in one shitty community to have so much crime that you need a gun.

    Might I suggest getting a better paying job and moving to a place that makes you feel more secure.

  4. Doug

    Wow. I can see that you harbor some animosity for fire arms and their owners. I’m not sure which version of the concealed carry law will pass (hopefully one requiring training and a permit), but I’m sure whichever one does, you will bemoan the end of civilized society.
    Here is a fact for you. People are more likely to be killed by drunken drivers in Wisconsin (or any other state) than by fire arms. BAN ALCOHOL !

  5. Doug,

    Thanks for the comment.

    You are a bit (to say the least) behind in reading the morning newspapers in relation to the topic you have something to comment on.

    In addition, you will be glad to know this blog is opposed to the lax drunk-driving laws in this state, and the deplorable way the Tavern League puts the ball squeeze on legislators to make sure the least is ever done to effect change.

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