Sarah Palin’s Tight Skirts And Boots Take Time Out

Almost makes you want to root for Michelle Bachmann.

Despite the much-publicized rollout of Sarah Palin’s “One Nation” bus tour last month, the Palin bus seems to have taken an extended hiatus as the family spends time Alaska, putting previously-planned stops in key primary states on hold and leading to yet more questions about the former Alaska governor’s political intentions.
But as Real Clear Politics’ Scott Conroy points out, “those travel blueprints are now in limbo… as Palin and her family have reverted to the friendly confines of summertime Alaska.”

7 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s Tight Skirts And Boots Take Time Out

  1. Wendy

    Palin would make an ideal juror given that she doesn’t read papers or magazines and, therefore, would know nothing about the legal case. But even then, the idea that any lawyer for either side of the aisle would allow a former governor, a former vice-presidential candidate, and someone as nationally polarizing as Palin to sit on any jury is absolutely ludicrous!

  2. Patrick

    Notice how the title of this post objectifies Palin as a sex object? When will the wilding ever stop?


    And it is amazing how people so upset over one type of bigotry are so willing to relish another and pat themselves on the back for their cleverness. I know–a woman who dresses like that gets what she deserves, right?

  3. Patrick,

    To be honest your comment is way off base. So here goes.

    Trust me when I tell you I do not think Sarah Palin is a sex object.

    That she dresses like one who wishes to get slipped some cash for services rendered is her doing. When it was cold and snowing this April in Madison and everyone else was wearing a coat at the statehouse she was in Madison with famed skirt and —-me boots as she mounted the stage. That the stage was not far from King Street in Madison did make for lots of crude jokes that day I was told. King Street was once known for the ladies of the night. I was not there in April as it was the day of my Dads’ funeral. But the stories ran wild after the Palin appearance. That she wants to be viewed as a sex object is why so many make the comments they do about her. After all she can not make it on brain power.

    You might recall that Jeane Kirkpatrick who was a staunch conservative and dressed like a woman and had brains was praised on this blog. On Dec. 8, 2006 I commented on her death with these words, “She was our Maggie Thatcher, tough, confidant, seasoned, and never reticent about conveying her views. The nation would be better served if every person on the conservative side would have just a fraction of the brains and style she carried.”

    I am sorry if the teabaggers that you so warmly embrace only have IQ’s that match Kirkpatrick’s bra size, but not enough brain power to make a fire-fly glow.

    So do not come on this blog and tell me that I am somehow offensive to women. I defend strong smart women.

    All you can do is seemingly defend stupid ones.

  4. Patrick

    I didn’t mean to imply that you saw Palin as a sex object, but you ridicule her as one.

    To me, when you write:”That she dresses like one who wishes to get slipped some cash for services rendered is her doing.” I do not get the idea that you are challenging her intellectual power, it seems like you are trying to dismiss her by implying she is a whore. And I may not be the finest student of rhetoric, but you write:”When it was cold and snowing this April in Madison and everyone else was wearing a coat at the statehouse she was in Madison with famed skirt and —-me boots as she mounted the stage” what I note is that you think she wants to get F’ed and interestingly use the word “mounted”–an innuendo which my freshman students would titter at. I suppose your grace as a writer comes to the surface when you note that she was speaking near a reputed haunt of prostitutes, but you have too much taste to repeat the suggestive jokes you heard. Kudos. You say:”That she wants to be viewed as a sex object…” as if 1) you knew her mind, or 2) as if this would make any difference. Why should a woman not want to look as attractive as possible? The point is that you have never in the time I’ve been reading your blog (like four years now–because it is interesting) offered a similar criticism of a man or other woman that I can recall. If I criticize someone because of the color of their skin it is racism, but if you criticize a woman for her sexuality it is somehow not sexism?

    Then, rhetorically speaking, you assert that sex is all Palin really has to offer the crowd because:” After all she can not make it on brain power.” However, aside from noting the occasional gaff, you never really engage the logic of Palin’s speeches And I understand you were out of town for the most important reasons, but you obviously took time to scrutinize her wardrobe.

    I do note the kind words you have for Kirkpatrick who you compare–interestingly–to another wise and powerful woman, But then you reference Kirkpatrick’s bra size in an ad hominem attack on teabaggers like myself, I suppose.

    On June 14th you wrote: ” The shared sense of purpose at finding the way forward seems to have become lost by both sides due to hyper-partisanship and gutter-ball politics.” I agreed with that statement and thought that it was heart felt. In fact, the first post which attracted to this blog which challenges me all the time was about how some union workers has mistreated a woman, older, I think, who happened across their demonstration. Even though you were sympathetic to their cause, you called them out. That was impressive.

    Here you write: “I defend strong smart women;” I think you should defend all women. Look, I’m sorry if you thought my comment was out of place. I’m sure you are an avid supporter of women’s rights, too. But you are too strong and too important the political discourse in this state to choose your words so poorly. Clearly, I’m not the only conservative reading this blog. Why? Because there is thinking here. Leave the petty and low criticisms to the others. With almost 2million reads you are a leading pundit on the web. Light a candle.

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