Second Line Of Credit At Tiffany Proves Newt Gingrich Is Not Middle-American

See, this is the type of news story that one does not want to come out about a presidential candidate.  That Newt Gingrich can not stop these stories, and has no apparent campaign apparatus designed to counter then effectively means that Newt Gingrich is in serious political trouble.  His campaign is all but over.

No tears here.

That there seems no connection to the average voter from Newt Gingrich is something that I would think everyone who is in any way attached to his campaign might recognize at a giant problem.   Maybe another trip to Greece on a cruise ship will help Newt!

Former House speaker Newt Gingrich had a second line of credit at the high-end jewelry store Tiffany and Co. for as much as $1 million dollars, his presidential campaign acknowledged Tuesday.

Joe DeSantis, a spokesman for Gingrich, said that the candidate’s personal financial disclosure filing, which is due within 30 days of his formal entrance into the presidential race, will “show that the Gingriches had a $500,000 to $1 million line of credit at Tiffany’s, that it has a zero balance, and it has been closed.”

DeSantis added that all debts to Tiffany had been paid in full. He offered no details about when the second line of credit was taken out, what it was used for or when it was closed.

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