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Supreme Court Justice David Prosser Allegedly Grabbed Justice Ann Walsh Bradley Around Neck, Police Called

June 25, 2011

This is damn serious!

In a past post I lamented the change that is taking place with Supreme Court Justice David Prosser.  At that time I mentioned he was becoming more partisan, and no longer a nice person.

Today comes shocking allegations that Supreme Court Justice David Prosser placed his hands around the neck of a fellow member of the court.

We all recall that Justice Prosser had called Justice Abrahamson a “total bitch”.  Given Prosser’s past behavior with women on the court might it be time for anger management classes?  Might I also ask how Prosser treats his wife?

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser allegedly grabbed fellow Justice Ann Walsh Bradley around the neck in an argument in her chambers last week, according to several knowledgeable sources.

Details of the incident, investigated jointly by Wisconsin Public Radio and the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism, remain sketchy. The sources spoke on the condition that they not be named.

They say an argument that occurred before the court’s release of a decision upholding a bill to curtail the collective bargaining rights of public employees culminated in a physical altercation in the presence of other justices. Bradley purportedly asked Prosser to leave her office, whereupon Prosser grabbed Bradley by the neck with both hands.

Justice Prosser, contacted Friday afternoon by the Center, declined comment: “I have nothing to say about it.” He repeated this statement after the particulars of the story — including the allegation that there was physical contact between him and Bradley — were described. He did not confirm or deny any part of the reconstructed account.

Bradley also declined comment, telling WPR, “I have nothing to say.”

The sources say Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs was notified of the incident. One source says Tubbs came in to meet with the entire Supreme Court about this matter. Tubbs, contacted by Wisconsin Public Radio, declined to comment.

  1. June 25, 2011 8:32 PM

    What may seem a simple misdemeanor battery charge and a minor “hostile workplace” suit, is actually a Class H Felony since the woman Prosser is accused of throttling is a judge. When he resigns, I wonder who will be appointed by Governor Walker.

  2. Badger Babe permalink
    June 25, 2011 6:48 PM

    For someone who BARELY was re-elected (by votes that just happened to be “found” at the last minute by a former employee), you’d think Prosser would be more circumspect in his behavior. Anyone else doing what Prosser did to Justice Bradley would have been hauled to jail on the spot. Apparently, vulgar references to females who disagree with him are no longer enough to alleviate Prosser’s anger at anyone who disagrees with him.

    It is disappointing that a small gaggle of individuals (Conservatives/Tea Party Ideologues) continue to pick-and-choose the laws they will obey yet face no immediate repercussions for clearly illegal actions. If this episode had happened in any other workplace in Wisconsin (or elsewhere for that matter), the perp would have been suspended, arrested, or fired on the spot.

    The “win-at-all-cost” types who want to label this latest embarrassment as a Liberal/Democratic conspiracy are deluded and bear some responsibility for the ugliness of politics in Wisconsin and elsewhere. But they’re not the ones who choked Justice Bradley. Prosser did that on his own. Here’s hoping the national news media pick this episode up.

    I pray some government entity will remove Prosser from office — and that Wisconsinites remember that Prosser and Walker and the Fitzgeralds aren’t REAL Republicans. Wisconsin’s Republicans — Warren Knowles, Mel Laird, Robert Warren, Alexander Wiley, Paul Hassett, Susan Engeleiter, and a lot of others — probably wouldn’t consider a physical attack to be an appropriate way to disagree with someone.

    New bumper sticker: “Would God Want You to Choke Someone Who Disagrees With You?”

    New slogan: “Justice Prosser — Hey! Hey! Hey! How Many Females Have You Choked Today?”

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