Governor Walker Found Loud Protesters At Devil’s Lake Saturday

There is no place Governor Walker can venture in Wisconsin without a reminder of the anger that he has created in just six months.  On an otherwise pleasant Saturday Walker was making an appearance at Devil’s Lake State Park.  But given the foul mood of the voters a Saturday political stop turned into what has come to be the common theme in the Badger State.

“Recall Walker” was chanted by 300 protesters.

Following the reason for the Governor’s appearance at one of Wisconsin’s most beautiful state parks the best Walker could do was to be flanked by security and ushered off in a dark-windowed vehicle.

This is not the way anyone wants politics to be played out in the state.  But since there seems no way to make Walker understand the damage he is doing to state workers, public employees, and countless programs that impact the lives of ordinary citizens the protests are likely to continue.

I am not sure what the answer is at this point. 

There seems no ability for Walker to make any attempt to dialogue with those he opposes.  There is clearly no faith among a wide swath of the electorate to think that Walker is open to any compromises on the contentious issues of the day.  If this is the new norm in Wisconsin politics than it is truly upsetting.

While politics has never been a walk in the park, does it really need to be nasty 24/7  in Wisconsin from here on out?

4 thoughts on “Governor Walker Found Loud Protesters At Devil’s Lake Saturday

  1. dave

    Great video showing the sociopathic narcissist retreating to his armored personnel carrier as fast as possible. Clearly, “The Wanker” ™ is having another bad day…….

    I guess there weren’t enough angry old white men to give the anti-environmental governor the necessary cover from protesters so he actually had to see them. Nice.

    Normally, a politician would bring their kids and spouse with them to this type of outdoor event. But I never see Marie AnTonette Walker (ht Sly in the Morning) with him in public these days. Perhaps she’s too busy berating the help at the Gov’s mansion or looking for “entartete kunst” to cleanse from public spaces……

  2. I really wish we could find a way forward without the rancor. While I am as committed to our liberal ideals as any in Wisconsin I also am mindful of how differing sides use to work together.

  3. Alan

    Wow, with 42.6% of Wisconsin’s ancentory being of German decent, I guess we would know entartete kunst when we see it I just hope the purification which occurs when Walker leaves office doesn’t have to be as extreame as the de-nazification of Germany after WWII! I know the Republicans understand what they have wrought; nor do they have any idea of consequences. If they ar lucky, we will only have Truth Commissions like South Africa.

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