Breaking News: Rod Blagojevich Guilty On 18 Counts

Clearly Rod Blagojevich needed Scott Jensen’s lawyer.

(BTW I am also counting the other felony conviction from the first trial in my number 18 above.)

The fact is that Rod Blagojevich once had a bright political future.  Some thought that he had presidential possibilities.  That seems like a long time ago.  That such a personable and seemingly bright man was so caught up in political chicanery is not a new thing to politics.  That this whole story was played  out in such candid ways with audio-tapes and an almost never-ending series of media moments by Rod Blagojevich made this all the more stinky, and sad.

The fact is that Rod Blagojevich was not happy being Governor.  Rod Blagojevich likened himself to Richard Nixon and the feelings of despair when winning his second term to Springfield.  The life that President Obama was living was the one that Rod Blagojevich thought he should have.

The antics and illegal acts that are now synonymous to Rod Blagojevich are well-known.  A jury listened to the prosecutors and rendered a judgement.  It is a fitting ending for this story.  Still, it is a sad story.  A needless one.

Rod Blagojevich is going to prison.  For a long time.

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