The Unforgettable Thoughts Of Frank Lasee As He Ponders A Run For U.S. Senate

News today that State Senator Frank Lasee is pondering a run for the U.S. Senate made me wonder how much press one needs in the summer time to stroke an ego.   There is no way that Lasee enters the senate race, but it sure will make the De Pere Republican feel important for a few weeks to be mentioned in the same news columns as Tommy Thompson and other GOP notables.

Then without warning in late summer Lasee will drop off a press release stating he has decided to stay put in the legislature.  His invaluable service is needed there, he will inform all.


That is a relief to the people of the state.

Frank Lasee is not suited for long campaigns, nor serious discussions about policy.  When allowed too much microphone time, or too few handlers Lasee can get in trouble mighty quick.

Consider Frank Lasee’s idea to arm teachers in the classroom.

… teachers should be armed in the classroom as a way to curtail gun violence in schools shows Lasee is not a serious legislator.  I had to giggle today while driving around town doing errands that our whiz kid now thinks he needs to modify his idea. (I think the outrage from… well……everybody…. might have led him to understand the folly of his idea.)  Now he says, instead of a teacher packing heat like Gunsmoke’s Matt Dillon,  the little ole school teacher would go to a lock box somewhere in the school where a deadly weapon would be stashed for the time when all hell breaks out, and retrieve a handgun to slay someone.

While in the State Assembly Frank Lasee turned his head on deaf children.

As Chairperson of the Assembly Insurance Committee, Lasee is not shy about making sure his campaign contributors in the insurance industry are well taken care of.  In fact, the insurance companies are the third leading contributors to the ‘Lasee Largess’, better known as his campaign coffers.  When the industry gives to Lasee, they expect something. 

This month Lasee was adamant that a bill to deny insurance companies the right to use a persons credit score when setting premiums would never leave his committee. Now his lack of desire to see a bill enacted in Wisconsin that would require insurance companies to pay for hearing aids or surgery for deaf children is yet another sign that special interests have a hold on the member from the 2nd Assembly District.

Frank Lasee has wanted to climb out of his shoes for bigger ones before.  He had pondered a run for Congress, and in July 2008  I made the following comments.

The latest such idea that intrigues me is “Wisconsin Way”, a grassroots effort to discuss solutions for controlling property taxes.  A series of 15 sessions held all over the state resulted in 5,000 citizens weighing in with thoughts and concepts on this issue that seems to continually simmer in our political discourse.  While we all recognize the wonderful roads, schools, and public services we benefit from as a result of living in Wisconsin, there is a need to evaluate the way we can continue to have these superior services, and not create financial hardships due to property taxes.

“Wisconsin Way” sounds like a winner, right?

Well, according to Wisconsin State Representative Frank Lasee this is all about “spenders” who have no real interest in allowing only so much growth in tax and spending.   This response to “Wisconsin Way”, an effort where polite talking and addressing the needs of the state are placed above rants and rhetoric that are often produced in the State Assembly, is really quite remarkable. 

Now I know that Frank Lasee was considering the idea of running for Congress.  So perhaps we should deduce from his thinking, and his actions, that he is bored with doing the work that is required for the voters in the 2nd Assembly District.  Maybe hearing from the average voter in these sessions is not exciting enough since he has Washington on his mind.  Or perhaps seeking solutions ‘outside of the box’ is just beyond the capability of Frank Lasee.

We all will be able to say “WHEW” later this summer when Lasee turns in his press release stating he will not run for U.S. Senate.

One thought on “The Unforgettable Thoughts Of Frank Lasee As He Ponders A Run For U.S. Senate

  1. Solly

    any crazier than Sen. Ron Johnson? Opposing cutting $4 billion oil industry subsidies when some of the companies are making $10 billion in profits each quarter because they’re “just accounting practices?” Hey ‘baggers, don’t choke on that tea when you’re filling your minivan with $4 a gallon gas, Ron Johnson said so

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