How President Obama Wins A Second Term

The news over the past days seem to suggest something big is about to be offered in terms of deficit reduction.   Over the days rumblings of all sorts have suggested more than just tinkering at the edges of entitlements, but really making some serious changes.  It has been reported the President Obama is making a strong attempt to show the art of compromise, and hoping Republicans will see the wisdom for the national good to play ball.

The question is will the political landscape allow the GOP to give up a major 2012 campaign issue by making changes now in 2011?

President Obama will come out the winner on this deal if it passes, and there can be crowing rights for some Republicans too.  But removing this monster of an issue seems to make some conservatives uneasy.

The headlines meanwhile tell the story of what is being talked about at the highest levels.

I have no problem with means testing for entitlement programs, and have long thought that was a sensible way to proceed.  I also think there are a number of affluent people who truly would not mind paying more for these programs if they knew the government was serious about getting the national budget in order.

I have also long thought that it necessary to raise revenues as a means to pay for the work of government, and the programs we need to allow all in society better able to live and be productive.

Question for Republicans…what matters more….nation’s economic health…..or partisan politics?

-WSJ lead, “Movement in Budget Impasse: Big Ideas on the Table Include Social
Security, Major Revamp of Tax Code,” by Naftali Bendavid, Janet Hook and Carol
E. Lee: “Discussions … have touched on changes to all three major safety-net
programs-Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid … Participants in the debt
talks had been weighing changes to Medicare and Medicaid, but tinkering with
Social Security had not been part of the discussion until recently. Such a move
would be anathema to many Democrats. One Democratic official said Messrs. Obama and Boehner worked through the Independence Day weekend to craft a grand deal, and that the White House proposed ‘serious things’ regarding Medicare and Social Security, including means-testing Medicare-that is, providing different levels of benefits depending on a beneficiary’s financial status.”

If a deal of this nature passes a wide swath of the nation’s electorate will see this as a positive development.  They will see government working, making a deal, and fixing a problem.  The one who will benefit the most politically will be President Obama who can show his leadership from the White House allowed for a major change to the way things are done.

I repeat…..

Question for Republicans…what matters more….nation’s economic health…..or partisan politics?

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