Why Is Madison Alder Larry Palm So Cozy With Ronald McDonald?

A politician needs a good friend.  As such many elected officials get a dog for true companionship.  But for Madison Alder Larry Palm the way for friendship seems to be with a greasy fast-food buddy named Ronald McDonald.

All which is making a swath of the East Side wonder why their member on the common council is acting so carelessly with the levers of government.

The flap revolves around McDonald’s wanting to locate to a new address as they feel the placement of a pedestrian overpass blocks viewing of their business at 3051 East Washington.  One never needs to see a McDonald’s, one only needs to follow the grease smells to find the front door.

The City of Madison has already paid McDonald’s over $300,00o for the apparent problem, but Alderman Larry Palm, who represents the area, wants to do just a bit more, as if taxpayers have already not done enough.

Palm wants to relocate McDonald’s to the parking lot of the Madison East Shopping Center on East Washington Avenue.  Lets just say that residents of the area are appalled by the idea, and for a variety of very good reasons.

Tensions are running high over this proposal.  Too many cars are expected into the limited area, too many junk food establishments already dot the area, and a general sense persists that this McDonald’s had more than enough compensation for being a pain in the keister .

So why does Alder Palm not want to address the concerns of the neighborhood, and act in accordance with the wishes of those he is supposed to represent?

One can only hope the energized and vocal residents and taxpayers continue to let Palm know that they want better service from their member of the city council.  If Palm fails to perform they need to let him know he can be replaced come the next election.

4 thoughts on “Why Is Madison Alder Larry Palm So Cozy With Ronald McDonald?

  1. CommonCents

    Moving McDonald’s a couple blocks is not bringing more junk food to the neighborhood. It’s already in the neighborhood. But, it will cause more congestion at E. Washington Ave and E. Johnson Street, which is a bad intersection for making turns. Maybe finally, the traffic signals will be improved. None of this one have occurred if the City had not wasted millions of tax dollars to build the pedestrian overpass that is rarely used.

    If the neighbors don’t like all the junk food establishments, then they should stop using them!

  2. Helen H.

    Complaints about greasy food that’s bad for ya are correct, but the McDonald’s is already in the neighborhood. McD’s ought to be regulated and pruned and eventually banned nationwide, but we can’t solve that problem in a few blocks on East Wash.

    The big problem is traffic and pedestrian safety. Moving the McDonald’s to the heart of the strip mall, it’ll do a booming business — and it will make crossing the street (especially on foot) much, much more dangerous. Simply put, people will die.

    And yeah, Alderman Larry Palm needs to represent this neighborhood, but instead he’s working against us, and working very hard. Come election day he’ll be gone, but whatever cash the McDonald’s franchisee has slipped into his pocket will be a nice going away present. He won’t be hurting.

  3. CommonCents

    Helen states “and it will make crossing the street (especially on foot) much, much more dangerous. Simply put, people will die.” I drive through there just about everyday. The problem if not the level of traffic, it’s the number of dumb and lazy people. The area of E. Washington Ave between Aberg Ave and Milwaukee/North Streets is terrible for pedestrian failure to use the cross walks or attempting to cross against DO NOT WALK signals, including under the pedestrian overpass. If you are worried about pedestrian safety, get the City to run more fencing or barb wire through the medians to force the lazy idiots to at least use the crosswalks, even if they still run against the DO NOT WALK sign.

    And, no one is forced to eat at McDonald’s!

  4. Solly

    Interesting. I live in the neighborhood. A couple of weeks ago, when we had our multiple inch snow, I walked down East Wash. The ONLY business that had their sidewalks cleaned the day after the snow was the McDonalds franchise. NOT many private residences, NOT the city on its property and the sidewalks on the East Wash bridge over Aberg, NOT the drug store in the shopping center, where you could expect some elderly or ill customers to be walking into the store. Only the dastardly McDonalds franchise.

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