Michele Bachmann Thinks Slave Families Model For Black America

This is just God-awful.

There is no way that Michele Bachmann comes out on the clean end of this mess.

Michele Bachmann recently signed  a pledge against same-sex marriage.  But when she signed the anti-gay manifesto she also agreed to a most bizarre and racist policy statement.

“Slavery had a disastrous impact on African-American families, yet sadly a child  born into slavery in 1860 was more likely to be raised by his mother and father  in a two-parent household than was an African-American baby born after the  election of the USA’s  first African-American President.”


While the flighty conservative from Minnesota will now try to run in the opposite direction from her latest campaign malfunction, one thing is clear.

Well, two, actually.

The first is that either she is a racist of the first order who thinks that only with the white man looking out for the every move of black families they are only bound to fail.  Or that Bachann does not read everything she signs.

Either way it paints this dismal excuse for a presidential candidate as one the nation should soundly reject before even one delegate is voted for.

Our nation has gone through too much history (for those who actually studied any of it which over time we know Bachmann has not) to allow such gutter talk to find any endorsement.  That some clearly racist and deeply troubled conservative put a hate-filled series of statements in front of the easily led Bachmann does not mean she should have placed her name on it, or given any credence to such a dreadful set of ideas.

Might the Ku Klux Klan have a policy statement that Michele Bachmann might want to sign next?

7 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann Thinks Slave Families Model For Black America

  1. “Slavery had a disastrous impact on African-American families”… does Deke dispute that point?
    “…, yet sadly a child born into slavery in 1860 was more likely to be raised by his mother and father in a two-parent household than was an African-American baby born after the election of the USA’s first African-American President.” Do you not read this to mean: …with freedom achieved, it is sad to see that so many African-American children are raised in single parent households?

    I see nothing racist in those statements but I do see that they are racial. I cannot tell you if they are factual but I presume that they are not. I recall that some Africans did lose their children when their children were sold to others but that was when they were older and not when they were infants, as I recall.

    Would you never acknowledge the slave background of many black Americans? Do you think they should be ashamed of a heritage they did not choose?

    Slavery was an accepted part of society for centuries. The shame is not having ancestors that were slaves but the shame is having a society that hypocritically gave rights to European men and denied them to African men.

    I see nothing wrong with Bachmann’s racial comments other then they are likely factually wrong.

  2. Her signed statement might have a second page that reads…’Though Nazi Gemany had some strange ideas about the Jews that lived in Europe, Hitler sure had a fine transportation system.’

    Here is how I see this….it is offensive to make a favorable comparison of any aspect of slavery to anything. And I suspect what they are saying with this statement is that Barack Obama is worse than slavery.

    Now that is so insane that it makes me want to …..

    Her statement is racist as President Obama came from a broken home and made it to the White House. It would be nice if everyone could have the ideal life. That can not be. We are aware that too many drugs and guns and not enough jobs often impact the inner cities and plague minority communities. So to remedy that it would seem to Bachamnn we need a white overseer who can order and rule. Then the black man will know how to act and live. That is racist, and degrading.

    Yes too few moms and pops make up a family unit in the black communiy, but the same is true in the white community too.

    This is not about the history of those who have slaves in the family tree. I think that would be a badge of honor in some way, to show that after all is said and done freedom prevailed and now look at how far ‘we’ have come.

  3. Everette

    It needs to be understood that the excerpt from this policy does indeed plant a seed, which can be construed as racist. Racism comes into play when you consider the fact that she forgot to mention the whole bevy of White presidents prior to Obama. The fact is that the stats that Bachmann cited were from 2007. As I recall that was during the Bush administration. I’m quite sure that the single parent ratio of White Americans has also seen an exaggerated rate of change in comparison with the 19th and early 20th century.
    Why would any valid candidate even allow such a biased viewpoint to slide into any part of their campaign? Not only does this show Bachmann’s lack of detail (which I don’t believe, she knew what she signed), it is a blatant slap in the face to the intelligence of the American public.
    It is not enough to sign pledges and make statements and then recount them. At some point people need to realize that there is an underlining message that Michelle is trying to convey. Think clearly people.

  4. Olivia Dixon

    First and foremost, all children who were born during slavery did not always grow up in a two-parent household due to the children or the parents being sold off not only when they were older but as infants also, No matter what age it was’nt right. So her statement and the fact that she signed her name to this garbage is factually wrong. Its only a part of our history because it was forced upon us.

  5. JB Weiss

    I see that this is a really old post but I am doing research for a race and ethnic studies class. I came across this post and thought I might add my two cents. Whether or not anyone sees is remains to be seen. I agree with Mr. Lehner. I don’t see anything racist about her comments, however I do know that nothing gets people fired up more than politics and religion. I think some people see words like slavery and African-American in a sentence and get the idea, “this is going to be racist” and react accordingly. Does racism exist?….Absolutely and it’s an unfortunate reality that will probably always exist. But I think as much as people have a responsibility to choose words carefully and be respectful of others, we also have a responsibility to try and understand what its meant by a statement before we jump to the wrong conclusion and label others as a racist for example, by their misunderstood statements.

  6. JB,

    I do not think anyone misunderstood her statement, including Bachmann. She did not say the words, but signed a statement that made it clear in writing what she was agreeing with.

    While there are times words are stated but are clearly a confused statement not reflective of ones real attitude and beliefs, such as President Ford’s Poland statement in the famed presidential debate, that can not be stated for Bachmann.

    One reason I say this is the many such examples where Bachamnn proves to have a complete different view of history, and a set of convictions that run counter to the way things truly happened, or the moral code that most live by.

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