Rupert Murdoch’s Mess Deepens, Former British PM Unloads

The best drama on television these days happens to be the public slap-down of Rupert Murdoch.  This despicable man has displayed over the years contempt for professional journalism while working in a conniving way to amass more power.

Now the public bitch-slap is underway.  Even the regulators in Britain are coming to understand what must happen to Murdoch.

Today the mess that is a creation of the work habits and shoddy journalism born from Rupert Murdoch only was made deeper with some breath-taking news.

From a former British Prime Minister.

We can only be glad God has allowed Rupert Murdoch to live so long so that justice can be handed out on earth.

(Yeah, I have long thought Rupert Murdoch to be a rotten bastard.)

Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has accused journalists from across
Rupert Murdoch’s News International media group of trying to illegally obtain
private medical information about his family, details of his bank accounts and
his phone messages, a source close to Brown told CNN. 

Monday’s allegation broadens a scandal that brought down Murdoch’s News of
the World newspaper. 

Journalists from The Sun, Murdoch’s daily British tabloid, obtained details
about Brown’s seriously ill son and published a story about him, while people
working for the upmarket Murdoch Sunday Times tricked Brown’s accountants into
handing over financial details, the former prime minister alleges. 

News International did not immediately respond to the allegations.

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