Barry Landau Not The Man I Thought Him To Be

Earlier this year I bought the book “The President’s Table” by Barry H. Landau as I had heard marvelous reports about the text.  It is a grand book, but now it seems the historian I much enjoy may be less than he seems.

I hate when this happens.

Barry H. Landau is recognized as one of the foremost collectors of presidential artifacts and memorabilia, having worked with every White House since the Lyndon Johnson administration.

Now police in Baltimore are accusing him and another man of stealing millions of dollars worth of historical documents from the Maryland Historical Society.

Landau and Jason Savedoff are accused of stealing documents from the society’s museum library after an employee thought the pair exhibited suspicious behavior.

According to a Baltimore Police Department report, the employee said he watched Savedoff take a document, conceal it in a portfolio and walk out of the library with it on Saturday. The employee then called police.

The report states 60 documents were found in Savedoff’s locker near the library, some of which were signed out by Landau.

The men were found to be in possession of documents signed by President Abraham Lincoln valued at $300,000, along with signed commemorations of both the Statue of Liberty and the Washington Monument, each valued at $100,000.

Richfield Dairy Farm For Coloma Area: 55 Million Gallons Of Manure, Water Usage Of 52 Million Gallons From High Capacity Well

The details for the proposed mega cow farm outside of Coloma are staggering.  But as I have stated before on this blog in relation to this matter, no one can feel sorry for those who make a political deal with the devil (voting for conservative Republicans) and then want to decry the lack of strong regulations.  The current mindset of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is pro-business, pro-growth, pro-jobs.  Too bad for well water, run off into ground water, and too bad for tourism.

The voters in the Coloma area made a choice in November and selected Walker.  Now they should dance with the one that they took to the dance.  I really do not feel bad for these folks who vote with their heads up their butt and then complain about the policies that Republicans champion.  This might be a good time to learn that elections have consequences.

Suck it up.

Here are the details of the proposed mega cow farm.

Discharge is proposed to Fordham and Little Roche Cri Creeks of the Central Wisconsin River Basin.   Richfield Dairy is a proposed new dairy owned and operated by Milk Source Holdings, Inc. The proposed Richfield Dairy facility would be located in the southeast corner of the intersection of 1st Drive and Cypress Avenue.  The proposed dairy facility would house 4,300 milking / dry cows and 250 steers for a total of 6,270 animal units. Construction of the proposed facility is tentatively scheduled to begin in March 2012.  The facility anticipates reaching the 6,270 animal unit threshold by 2013.  All livestock will be housed within a cross-ventilated and sand-bedded freestall barn. The combined annual estimated quantity of manure and process wastewater (including precipitation runoff) is 55.3 million gallons, plus an additional 8,552 tons of separated manure solids.  Waste storage ponds will have a combined design capacity of 33.2 million gallons (excluding freeboard), which represents approximately 205 days of storage for the proposed wastewater stream.  The applicant owns or has agreements to land spread on 16,429 acres, with all cropland generally located within a five-mile radius of the facility.  Richfield Dairy is required to submit a high capacity well permit application to the DNR.  Water usage at the facility is estimated to be about 52.5 million gallons per year

Richfield Dairy Has Support From Local Officials For 5,000 Cow Super Farm Near Coloma, Wisconsin

There seems to be an attempt by some residents to try and stymie the momentum that Richfield Dairy has concerning a mega cow farm just outside of Coloma, Wisconsin.  While there is an attempt to derail the project with environmental concerns, the fact is that the local officials already seem to be on board with this idea.  With a pro-business oriented Department of Natural Resources resulting from the election of Scott Walker, and the vast majority of votes cast in the Coloma area going for Walker, there seems little reason not to allow this 5,000 cow farm from being allowed to begin operations.

Elections have consequences.

Actions thus far from local officials have all been very supportive of this big business enterprise.

On March 17, the WDNR issued a construction/stormwater permit for Richfield Dairy.

On April 21, the Richfield Town Board, by unanimous vote, approved the Conditional Use Permit for Richfield Dairy.

On May 4, the Adams County Planning Commission, by unanimous vote, approved the
Conditional Use Permit for Richfield Dairy.

Richfield Dairy Has Big Ideas For Coloma, Wisconsin With Super Cow Farm

Milk and manure will likely soon be flowing in the Coloma area, with a ‘whopping’ 40 jobs created as a thanks for the Republican votes that locals cast for Governor Scott Walker  in 2010.   The proposed 5,000 cow farm, and all the side effects that only get stronger in the warm months, is just a small way of saying how much appreciation the Governor has for the votes he was able to cajole out of  the voters in the Coloma area.

With a much more cozy-minded business approach by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the liberal brakes on pesky environmental controls are being removed, and the grand scheme to put unemployed people to work in this area will soon be underway.

Wow…40 jobs!

Rocking chair money will give way to lunch buckets.  Just the way God-fearing folks  were meant to live.

The facts of what Richfield Dairy plan for the Coloma area seem straightforward and very much like many of their other operations.  They really have no reason to be denied the ability to do what they want since the voters wanted Walker, and Walker wants business, and the DNR is run by Walker’s appointees.

Coloma now must dance with the one that they took to the dance.  Hike your skirts as this one might get dirty.

Here are the facts for the planned super farm.

Number of Cows:
4,300 planned
Number of employees: Approximately
Daily milk production: 25,000 gallons

Parlor information: 80-cow carousel
Local  yearly economic impact: Estimated $18 million
Barn  style:Free stall
Started operation:
Estimated Late 2012 or early 2013
Total crop acres in  nutrient management plan : More than 10,000

Coloma, Wisconsin Prime Spot For 5,000 Cow Farm

I am glad to promote and extend a hearty thanks to those trying to revive a moribund and stagnant rural economy in central Wisconsin.

The news that Coloma is the proposed site for a 5,000 cow operation is proof that Governor Scott Walker is working hard to improve the lives of residents and taxpayers who strongly supported his campaign in 201o.  Coloma Republicans can rejoice!

There is no better place than Coloma for this project given the unemployment rate of the area, and the ravages the recession has had on the lives of everyday people.

The location for this proposed shot in the arm to the economy will be on the corner of Cypress Avenue and 1st Drive, about one-half mile south of Highway 21, and three miles west of Coloma.

A meeting on this proposal will be held on July 18th when the DNR will make a presentation.  There is no one more grateful than I for the current leadership of the DNR when it comes to helping the businessmen who make this investment of their time and money to assist the economically deprived people of Coloma who voted for Walker and need a job.

Oh, and by the way, elections have consequences.

The top folks of the DNR are there to make it easier for wise men such as those backing this farm to be able to get ideas started, and people employed.  Local environmental concerns should not a be a concern when there is a need to put bread on the table.  Lets get the economy rolling with this 5,000 cow operation.

Let’s just shovel manure in Coloma!

This proposed farm would never have been made possible without the past work of others like President Eisenhower and his interstate highway system that allows for the transportation needs to be met by industrious minds in the area.  Thanks to  Highway 39 (formerly Highway 51) and the ease of making this dream farm a real possibility.

One can only hope that the residents of Coloma will see the wisdom of their vote for a better economy that was made when supporting Walker and the DNR with fewer burdensome regulations.  Now let’s get this 5,000 cow operation started!

Michele Bachman’s Husband Works To “Treat” Gay People

Maybe next the Bachmann’s might find a cure for male-pattern baldness and age spots.  Or a cure for husbands of conservative Republican presidential candidates that seem overly effeminate and not as straight as needed for a campaign that hopes to lure conservative voters…….now I am starting to see why there is a need for conversion…..

One needs to see this video from NBC News.



Congressman Cantor Should Recall Words Of Reverend Billy Graham

For whatever reason the Reverend Billy Graham came to mind today as I was reading about the latest antics of Republican Congressman Eric Cantor.

Graham many years back spoke at one of his televised rallies about not being able to serve two masters.  While he was strictly speaking in a religious sense, the same message might be applied to what is now happening in Washington.

The past weeks have produced meeting after meeting between the White House and Congressional Republicans where the goal of a budget package that all sides could agree on seems utterly elusive.

At the end of day Republicans can not move beyond their unreasonable and logic-free mantra of ‘no new taxes.’  That ‘policy’ is not a workable or sustainable one.

Either there is a true concern about the national economic situation, or there is only a short-sighed political interest that is designed to keep the base of one party appeased.

After the last couple of weeks of watching and reading about conservative Congressman Eric Cantor one thing is clear.  The Virginia Congressman has chosen his master and who he wishes to serve.

Congressman Cantor has not chosen America as his master, but instead the harsh-toned and illogical teabaggers.

For better or worse, Cantor owns the GOP’s spotlight in the debt-limit talks
now that Boehner’s effort to fashion a groundbreaking “grand bargain” has fallen
apart. It was Cantor who walked out on a commission led by Vice President Joe Biden when the topic of tax hikes was raised. And now Cantor is back in the driver’s seat because the talks have turned away from the big-dollar package that President
Barack Obama and Boehner were negotiating and toward a smaller framework of
spending cuts produced by the Biden talks.

“It looks like he’s maybe listening to the rank and file a little bit more
closely,” Rep. Raul Labrador, an Idaho Republican with strong tea party
credentials, told POLITICO’s Arena on Monday. “He understands what the rank
and file want.”

As Reverend Graham wisely stated those many years back two masters can not be served.  One must make a choice.

Cleary we now know who Congressman Cantor has aligned himself with.

America 0-Teabaggers 1

Minnesota Shuns Anti-Immigration Anger

Glad to see some people know about civility when it comes to immigration.

It is also a sign of Minnesota’s more general embrace of immigration. According to a 2010 report from the Saint Paul-based Wilder Research, 6.5% of the state’s population was foreign-born in 2008. That was well below the national figure of roughly 12%. But the rise in the number of foreign-born people in Minnesota has been dramatic; between 1990 and 2000 the immigrant population increased by more than 130%, compared with a 57% rise nationwide.

The difference may be partly because, when it comes to immigration, Minnesota is more like Canada than the rest of the United States. Being far removed from Latin America, the main source of immigrants to the country in general, Minnesota has little cause to worry about unauthorised migration.

But it is also a matter of policy. The state has been a national leader in refugee resettlement programmes since the 1980s, and its main metropolis, the twinned cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, has adopted a series of initiatives aimed at supporting refugees of all kinds as well as regular migrants.

Both are sanctuary cities, for example, meaning that police are barred from asking about migration status during the normal course of business. They have also spent money on integration. Mr Samatar’s centre, for example, specialises in helping African immigrants who want to start small businesses.