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Rational Republicans See Light About Debt Ceiling Increase

July 17, 2011

There has always been a larger set of the mature Republicans who have understood reality when it came to the issue of increasing the national debt limit.  It just had to be done.

That so many of these otherwise mostly rational folks played too cute by half with this issue on one hand by not curtailing the teabagger sentiment, while knowing on the other hand that ultimately the debt limit had to be increased is what should be faulted.  These rational Republicans allowed for the squirrels in the party to make headlines and toy with mayhem.

Now Republicans of all stripes have to walk back their talk and act like grown-ups.  At least for one vote.

 From ABC’s “This Week”

Senate Republican Whip Jon Kyl (Ariz.), who has been in the Cabinet Room negotiations, to Christiane: “At the end of the day, Republican leaders have made it clear that WE will not be the ones who put the government into default.”

AMANPOUR: ‘So that would be the Mitch McConnell last-ditch effort?’

KYL: ‘Well, it’s McConnell-Reid. Yes. … That’s what the Senate is proceeding with. Now, the House of Representatives has to make its decision about what it will do. But … at the end of the day, I don’t think there’ll be a default.’

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  1. gritrock permalink
    July 17, 2011 9:57 PM

    Our government takes in 2.2 trillion in taxes, or for them, Income. The current budget is 3.7 trillion. In any normal persons budget, do you think is possibly sustainable to spend 185% of your yearly income each year. The last time I checked with my employer, I couldn’t just give myself a raise anytime I want one either. Deep, severe, spending cuts are the only way to stop this train wreck. I would rather protect Social Security if possible, any working person who paid in should get their money back. I believe the free hand outs need to be curtailed. Quite frankly, I’ll bet if we could run our government like a business, with competitive bids and less graft, we would find the deficit far less insurmountable.

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