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Amy Winehouse Dead

July 23, 2011

The price of drug abuse.

Far too often we read about and see the wasted lives of those in the world of entertainment who seem to have no way to anchor themselves to a healthy way of living,  Too many cases of young lives ended with drugs and alcohol.  Another sad example raced over the newswires today.

Needlessly so.

In January 2008, a British newspaper, The Sun, posted a video of Winehouse allegedly smoking crack cocaine and talking about taking ecstasy and Valium.  Later that year  the singer was rushed to a hospital after she fainted at home. Shortly afterwards, her father said in an interview that she was suffering from  emphysema and had been warned by doctors that she would die if she continued smoking crack cocaine and cigarettes. 

There was a way out of the story ending this way.

One must care more for life than for the drugs.

Easy for those of us who are not drug abusers to say…I know that. 

But at some level this death today should anger everyone that life is treated so cheaply by some.  While there are patients at the children’s hospital in our city fighting for every breath, there are others in this world that seemingly strive to end their days in the most ridiculous of ways.

A press release from the Metropolitan Police, which doesn’t specifically name Winehouse, says:

“Police were called by London Ambulance Service to an address in Camden Square NW1 shortly before 16.05hrs today, Saturday 23 July, following reports of a woman found deceased.

On arrival officers found the body of a 27-year-old female who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Enquiries continue into the circumstances of the death. At this early stage it is being treated as unexplained.”

Last month, Winehouse canceled her European tour after a performance in Serbia where she seemed completely out of it.

  1. Solly permalink
    July 26, 2011 4:17 PM

    Two words………………El vis
    seems like this blog is written by Dr. Deke and Mr. Hyde, it seems inconsistent with a previous post. Can’t we go back to the days of wholesome entertainment by entertainers that are role models? prescription drug abuse = wholesome?

  2. Golilith permalink
    July 23, 2011 11:04 PM

    Sorry, Deke, I have to agree with Annie K. here. You need to learn a little something about addicts and addiction. People don’t do it because they care more for drugs than for life. That’s why its called an addiction. There’s a loss of control and perception. That’s where the tragedy lies.

    And addiction comes in many forms, not just chemical dependancy…

  3. July 23, 2011 9:21 PM

    Thanks for your comment.

    Most people, thankfully, do not have chemical dependency. So are we all to stop talking about this matter as we do not ‘understand’?

    I think most people are sad and to some extent angry that an otherwise bright and talented person died for no good reason except allowing drugs to be the most important part of her life.

    If that makes me not an insider to chemical dependency, then so be it. But I think most feel as I do about this matter of chemical dependency.

  4. Annie K. permalink
    July 23, 2011 6:10 PM

    You don’t understand addiction at all. We’d all be better off if you keep the pontificating judgments out of your supposed sympathetic and “sensitive” remarks. The only people who will think this is a nice emotive analysis of the situation are those who are equally confused about what goes on with chemical dependency. Nor is Amy Winehouse a poster child for all people with addiction issues.

    “Life is treated so cheaply by some” – for god’s sake, get off it. You’d be all up in arms if someone took a similar attitude to oh I dunno maybe the “gay lifestyle”. In a perfect world people who take crap from society are made more aware via that experience and so are less likely to judge that which they do not know. In real life people are only sensitive about their own “socially maligned” issues.

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