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Will Michele Bachmann Return Paycheck For Missing 37% Of Votes While Campaigning?

July 26, 2011

Let us see if the actions from the Tea Party follow their loud rhetoric.

In this case will the lack of regard Michelle Bachmann has for her constituents, based on the number of votes she has missed while running  for president, be made up for by returning some of her congressional salary?

While it is true elected officials always miss votes when running for president, we also need to be mindful of the high tone and self-righteous image that teabaggers paint of themselves.  They have elevated themselves in this nation as patriots.

Let us now see what Patriot Michele Bachmann does when confronted with an ethical problem.

Bachmann, the chairwoman of the House Tea Party Caucus who has surged toward the top of the Republican presidential field, has missed 50 of 135 votes (37 percent) since formally announcing her candidacy June 27 in Waterloo, Iowa. 

Bachmann is one of three House members seeking the Republican presidential nomination. GOP Reps. Ron Paul (Texas) and Thaddeus McCotter (Mich.) are waging longshot bids for the party nod.

Paul has missed 25 of 307 votes — about 8 percent — since entering the race May 13. McCotter has missed almost 10 percent (13 of 135 votes) since starting his campaign at the beginning of this month.

Asked earlier this month whether she would forfeit some of her congressional salary, Bachmann replied, “No comment.”

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  1. Annie K. permalink
    July 26, 2011 6:41 PM

    yeah, um….in the spirit of self-awareness and humility – “leftists” could all remember how many votes Obama missed and/or avoided a yes or no (I beleive he voted “present” an annoying and self-serving amount of the time? yes?) And this was done so that he would have a really clean clean record when he ran for Prez.
    The designated Rock Star. His “abs” (?) duly documented by Dana Milbank. His votes? Irrelevant..
    I was annoyed by that then. I still am. I also recall how he ran to Big Banking to confab behind closed door first thing. Before his official declaration.
    We then did see that Big Banking-love and “conflict-avoidance” has played a serious part in Obama’s governing style. But, since political people have remarkably short memories and remarkable disregard for the long-term, I suppose this meme will be around.

    Yes, I think Bachmann is heinous, but partisan finger pointing can be so hypocritical And tiring. Even if someone took the time to do a direct comparison of how many votes Obama missed vs how many votes Bachmann missed, that still seems like Silly Studies in Moral Relativism to me.

    (btw, this is not a declaration of your Holy Wrongness at this time – I’m just discussing…)

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