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Saturday Song: Tom Jones “Delilah” (The Puppet)

July 30, 2011

This week I learned that a young relative of mine is taking puppet classes during the summer.  When I told James about this fun activity, and the great delight that is being found in the pastime, I was informed about my partner’s puppet from childhood.  It was named Delilah.

James tells the story.

Sometime just before my parents constructed our new house, I was given a hand puppet as a gift. It was a marvelous present that allowed me to “talk” with a new friend and share my inner feelings. Designed to look like a duck made of a yellow-orange fuzzy material with an orange beak and bulging white and blue eyes of plastic, Delila amused me to no end. Delila? Delila hated that name, I think. The moniker had come printed on the tag sewn in to the side by the manufacturer and I didn’t feel it was right to change it; if he had always been called Delila, then he should remain Delila. It seemed an unfortunate rule, but knowing that if I had been adopted in to a new family that I would want to keep my name, it was the “right thing to do”. That isn’t to say though that Delila didn’t hold the same kind of resentment as those other fellows with oddly feminine names: Lauri, Sandy, Shannon, Blair, Tracy, Leslie, Carrol, Beverly… I have often wondered since if parents give thought to the type of abuse their kids will suffer on the playground at the hands of bullies when picking out a name. Had Delila not lived with me, he would have assuredly had a tough time of it.

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