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Where Are The Statesmen In Washington?

July 30, 2011

This past week as the debt limit ginned up mess played out I was thinking about the lack of true statesmen in Washington that lead the way when times get tough.  I was yearning for some heavy-weight to register opinion or analysis on the all news-channels that was more than just the usual partisan talking points.

I knew I had hit bottom with the analysis, or had just watched far too much this week, when I heard an NYU professor liken the actions of Speaker Boehner to that of Michael Jackson’s moonwalk.  It appears forward motion is being made, when in reality one is moving backwards.

I really want better than that when it comes to the seriousness of the moment this nation is facing.  

All my needs could have been met if the kind of leaders we once had, say a Daniel Patrick Moynihan, were still alive and able to bring some order and logic to what is playing out in Washington.

Every generation has looked backwards and found the statesmen of the past to be in demand.  The fact is each generation has the government they deserve as they elected the ones serving, and have to play the cards that were dealt.  The same is true today.  Yet we always lean backwards and  yearn for those who stood out over time to again lend us their counsel.

We look back on those older wizened leaders with fondness as they had political courage.  Frankly, that is not something that is often on display today, and in reality was not always a commodity in high stock piles in the past either.   Yet there were those over time who had the ability to rise to the occasion, or as was the case with Moynihan was gifted with an amazing intellect that made any interview he gave a time to stop, sit, and listen.

We are a deeply divided nation and seemingly split right down the middle on every issue.  We spar at every opportunity be it at election time, on talk radio, or on blogs such as this one.  Still  I think the nation is desirous of statesmen who can chart the way forward, and rally the better intentions of the citizens.

Sadly, too often politicians are only able to see as far as the next election, and therefore saddled to some rigid views and therefore unable to respond to the call of history.  We are seeing that play out in spadefuls in Washington now.

But Caffeinated Politics is hoping that somewhere in Washington there is another Moynihan or Henry Clay that is determined to make a difference not so much for the next election, but instead to be remembered for greatness by another generation.

To dream…

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  1. Marion permalink
    July 30, 2011 2:25 PM

    they are talking about not paying the next round of Social Security check..big diseaster! if they want to not cut some check for saving, how about NOT paying the salaries of all those stupid congreesmen who cannot seem to do the countries business but are so playing politics with citizens lives to make a point. [mines bigger than yours?] plus take away their health bennies…don’t pay that bill either. I’m sure that would add up to some savings and let them feel the pain of every American.

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