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Justice David Prosser Case Of “Chokehold” Turned Over To Special Prosecutor

August 1, 2011

Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne says he plans to ask a judge to assign a special prosecutor to handle allegations Justice David Prosser attacked one of his colleagues.

The actions of Prosser remain one of the most bizarre that Wisconsin has witnessed in a year where hundreds of thousands of protesters turned out at the statehouse, and a record number of recall elections are being held for members of the legislature.

What must have transpired in the court seems like a bad opening sketch of Saturday Night Live.

One can only image the scene concerning Justice Ann Walsh Bradley as Prosser approached with hands outstretched.  In my mind it is akin to a bad Frankenstein film as a lumbering Prosser edges closer to his colleague.

Bradley has accused Prosser of choking her in a state court office in June.  The incident reportedly took place as the justices deliberated a legal ruling concerning the collective bargaining bill.   It has also been reported there were witnesses.

For the record, and as one might suspect, Prosser has denied the allegations.  After all he might call the Chief Justice a “total bitch” but he would never choke a member of the court. 


The special prosecutor will hopefully ferret out the truth.

More is at stake here than Prosser’s actions.  The respect of the court, and the image of Wisconsin are also matters that should not be taken lightly.

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