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Al Capone’s Son Theatened To Kill Senator Ted Kennedy

August 2, 2011

FBI files have the darndest information contained within them.

Previously unseen FBI documents have revealed the son of legendary mobster Al Capone drunkenly threatened to ‘assassinate’ the late Senator Edward Kennedy.

Three weeks after his brother Senator Robert Kennedy was shot dead in Los Angeles, Albert ‘Sonny’ Capone was overheard in a Miami restaurant saying Ted Kennedy might ‘get it too’.

The 1968 threat was revealed in a newly-released part of the former Massachusetts senator’s FBI file, which is almost entirely made up of threats against the youngest Kennedy brother.

It is likely to fuel conspiracy theories that the mob was involved in the 1963 assassination of President Kennedy.

According to the file, a man overheard Capone, 50, make a call from a public phone at the New England Oyster House in Coral Gables, Florida, on June 24, 1968.

At one point in the conversation, witnesses claimed he said: ‘If Edward Kennedy keeps fooling around he was going to get it, too.’

Capone identified himself after asking the operator to bill the call to his home in Palm Island and he ‘appeared intoxicated’, the report states.

Despite being the son of a mob figure Capone – who died in 2004, is thought to have led a law-abiding life, including working as a florist.

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