Randy Hopper’s Chicky-Poo Leaving $42,328 State Job

What position will she assume next?

A state worker with ties to Senator Randy Hopper who received a 35 percent salary boost when hired in February is leaving her position.

Department of Safety and Professional Services executive assistant John Murray told WKOW27 News communications specialist Valerie Cass will leave her job when the position’s limited term appointment lapses later this month. Murray was unable to provide an exact date. State limited term employment is restricted to six months of full-time employment.

At the time of her hire, Cass, 26, was given an hourly rate equivalent to annual pay of $42,328. Her predecessor’s hourly pay was equivalent to annual pay of $31,200. Officials defended the pay increase, stating Cass’ job duties had been expanded.

Sources have identified Cass as a woman in a relationship with Senator Hopper (R-Fond du Lac). Hopper, 45 , is involved in a pending divorce.

3 thoughts on “Randy Hopper’s Chicky-Poo Leaving $42,328 State Job

  1. Annie K.

    OMG the last thing I wanna think about is Cass and Hopper “assuming positions”, and any kind of speculation about which one she will assume next is some kind of torture. icky icky icky
    What the hell were you thinking with that line of questioning?
    and also, I noticed you have a policy statement somewhere that “profanity” is not allowed here. I am all about profanity. I don’t even consider “hell” to be profanity but perhaps you do. In this world you either swear like a sailor after reading each and every headline (these are the real profanities IMO) or your head explodes.
    That’s mah story and ah’m stickin’ to it.

  2. “What position will she assume next?”

    Given how she acquired this job from the state, I’d say that her next position will be on top.

    And yes, it HAS to be “on top” rather than traditional missionary or doggie-style, ’cause the GOPers this woman hangs out with only know how to screw up….

  3. lololol

    LOL. Hopper’s got a nice choice now. He can stay “mostly in Madison”, where he doesn’t have a job anymore and neither does his “chicky-poo”. Wonder how long that will last.

    Or he can tuck tail and go back to Fond du Lac to run his radio stations, just in time to finish up that divorce with his actual wife.

    Almost enough to make one feel sorry for him. But not really.

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