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Tim Pawlenty Must Shine This Week…Or ‘How Much Deeper Do We Dig This Hole, Honey’

August 7, 2011

This is how I size up former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. 

He is not the type of guy who wants to rack  up more campaign debt than he can see over, and then be forced into paying it off for decades, as was the case with John Glenn.  It was not until 2006 that Glenn had closed most his debts from his own failed 1984 race. 

So as the famed Iowa straw poll draws near (next Saturday) and another chance not to underperform in a nationally televised debate nears on Thursday (yes, I am tough on Pawlenty) there is nearing the moment of truth in this rather dismal campaign.

Tim Pawlenty has moved everything but his kitchen sink to Iowa in a bid to unseat his rivals and gain some traction.  But with the likely entrance of Texas Governor Rick Perry that will suck much of the oxygen from the Republican tent, and the popular if dim-witted Michele Bachman tramping around the state to great applause there is little that can be done it seems to lift Pawlenty’s sails.

But lift them he must.

This week Tim Pawlenty must shine.  He must serve some tough volleys in the debate, toss off the tepid responses, and go to the meat of his arguments.  Pawlenty must understand that his perceptions among the GOP faithful are being framed by his reticence and underperformance. 

If come next weekend there is not a strong third place showing for Pawlenty in the straw poll then there has to be a serious kitchen table discussion with Mrs. Pawlenty.

“How much deeper do we dig this hole, honey”

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  1. August 8, 2011 10:00 AM

    Deke: It almost sounds like you are rooting for Governor Pawlenty or maybe I read too much into your post.

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