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GOP Debate Turned Into A Comedy…Without The Laugh Track

August 12, 2011

Late last night James and I watched the Republican debate that had been taped from earlier in the evening. Usually at the end of the day we relax with a book, a movie, or some comedies.

Though we did not realize it at the outset we chose the comedy.

Everyone on the stage last night knew that this race was coming down to a showdown between Mitt Romney and soon-to-be-announced candidate Rick Perry. But with the straw poll approaching on Saturday in Iowa, and many of the candidates needing a strong showing to prevent their slipping so far as to need to close the tent on their sideshow, it meant for lots of theatre.

Theatre, however, does not mean one is ready for primetime, let alone any place near the Oval Office.

While I had posted several days ago that Tim Pawlenty needed to shine in the debate I thought he might do it in a more controlled fashion and in a policy-formatted type of response. Instead Pawlenty lost his cool and it was clear Michele Bachmann, who never saw a history book she did not understand, had rented space in his head.

Pawlenty should not have gone after Bachann in the manner he did. Not that the costumed-joke from Minnesota does not deserve it, but that it did nothing to enhance Pawlenty’s image or persuade others that he has any presidential timber within.   While the nation smirked as Bachmann had it delivered to her live on television, it did not serve the one making the point at all.

The other treat, other than Herman Cain’s amused face that he somehow managed to get a chance to get some free fresh fruit in the green room before the debate were the antics supplied by Newt Gingrich. 

To somehow think that the manner Gingrich’s campaign is run will not be a way to access his candidacy is just lunacy.  For him to suggest that anyone who dares question his lack of competence on managing his campaign team is asking a ‘gotcha’ question underscores why he is not ready to mange the huge government bureaucracy.

Then there was Rick Santorum……..”Me….pick me…is it my turn yet!”

Santorum, as I have noted in the past about the family fetus,  is just creepy

Tonight we might read a book.

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