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More Proof Sarah Palin Is A Twit

August 12, 2011

Not that more proof was needed….

The Republican presidential debate last night was not illuminating.  I called it a comedy.

There is no way that any substantive answer can be given to a policy question in 60 seconds, or rebutted in 30 seconds more.  There was nothing to be gained last night by the viewers except to see some verbal slings from the candidates, along with a childlike display from Rick Santorum who thought he should have more air time.

But Sarah Palin thoughts the debate was “great”.

“I thought it was a great debate, they certainly took some gloves off, which is good for the electorate,” she said. “Good to hear the ideas and positions articulated quite aggressively. That’s what I appreciate.”

Ideas “articulated quite aggressively”?  What was she watching?  Not the same debate that I viewed.  No serious topics explained, and when issues were at all mentioned it was the same simple-headed phrases one can see on the candidates respective websites.

Granted for Sarah Palin that may have seemed like articulating quite aggressively.  For the rest of us it was pablum.

Lord, she is an idiot.

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  1. Craig skip Weis permalink
    December 21, 2011 10:21 AM

    Well that was not very nice. I like Sarah Palin for a few reasons.
    She fired her brother-in-law who was a questionable Alaska State Trooper.
    She sold the Alaska State aeroplane on E-Bay as being an unnecessary expense.
    She never met with a lobiest in her Govenor’s office. But always in a public resturant.
    She’s honest.
    And she could have at one time contained her commits to making president Obama defend his rather dismal record. Remember Mr. Obama had everything he wanted handed to him these first years. All of it was a waste. The Nation sees very little if any improvement. So do we really need four more years of no improvement. What could Mr. Obama do differently?

    Just asking a question. skip

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