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Ron Paul Can’t Find Media Traction, Even With Iowa Showing

August 16, 2011

There is no love here at CP for Ron Paul.  But having said that I have been following the media reaction to Paul’s success in Iowa Saturday at the Republican straw poll and find it rather listless.

Granted, there is no way that Paul can win the GOP nomination.  But neither can Michele Bachmann.  In fact, the only way that Michele Bachmann can win the nomination is if Rick Perry takes Mitt Romney to bed and both their campaigns implode, and given the rumors about Perry being gay I suppose only Las Vegas odds-makers will want to weigh in on that scenario.  Unless both Perry and Romney exit the presidential race Bachmann will not go much further than South Carolina in any viable way.

My point to this post is why should Michele Bachmann get all the media attention when Paul lost to the mindless Minnesotan in the straw poll by only nine-tenths of one percentage point, or 152 votes out of 16,892 cast.

Yes, Paul is a piece of work that makes him more colorful than electable, and yet the same can be said of Bachmann.  I would hope the  lopsided nature of the media coverage is not due to the fact Bachman is a woman and new to the presidential scene.

After all, we saw where that nonsense took the nation when coverage was granted to Sarah Palin.

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