President Bush And Reagan Used Far More Vacation Days Than President Obama


I do not begrudge the president, or anyone serving the nation at the highest levels of government, an adequate number of days to relax and re-charge the batteries.  What I do find fault with are those who sling political mud without the facts in an attempt to make political points.

Such is the case with conservatives who are harping about President Obama escaping with his family to Martha’s Vineyard starting on Thursday.

So lets add up the days that recent presidents have slipped away from the White House and relaxed.

So far, President Obama has taken 61 vacation days after 31 months in office. At this point in their presidencies, George W. Bush had spent 180 days at his ranch where his staff often joined him for meetings. And Ronald Reagan had taken 112 vacation days at his ranch. 

Among recent presidents, Bill Clinton took the least time off — 28 days.

All I can say is that I hope Barack and the family have a sunny and fun-filled time!

21 thoughts on “President Bush And Reagan Used Far More Vacation Days Than President Obama

  1. Ryan Simmons

    Although I have to say I don’t agree with the president very often, I will say I agree with you. Just have an issue trusting numbers without seeing where they are from and broken down for me to play with. Being an analyst, I love to play with numbers.

    With all that in mind I will say this: He is my president. He is the highest ranking officer in the military and therefore my superior. Leaders need time off in order to operate fully. Don’t we all? Besides, he has some tough choices ahead with the rumors that Pakistan has sold China our helicopter parts. We need him well rested!

    I hate to hear posts getting to you, brother. We may not be on the same side of the fence but we are both members of the greatest society ever seen on this planet.

  2. President Obama must hold the record for the greatest number of days out of the White House.
    He attends a lot of backyard barbeques, visits a lot of factories, holds too many town halls. I am not certain those events are “work”.

  3. Kerry Goodfellow McElligott

    werent the Bush “vacations’ to his own home in crawford tx FREE? Marthas vinyard is not FREE, there is a huge difference. How many days was Bush on an actual vacation? far less I am sure

  4. Kerry,

    No, the Bush vacations are not free….how do you think he got to the ranch? What do you suspect the cost of moving White House operations entails. What cost for dailu briefings from CIA each morning?

    Now for a fact you seem unaware…. During 2 terms as President, Bush spent all or of part of 487 days at Camp David, on retreats and made 77 trips to his Crawford Ranch, in Texas, where he spent all or part of 490 days, on his Ranch.
    The total number of days of vacation or retreat President Bush took, while in office over a period of 8 years was 977 days, or 32% of his total time in office, was spent on vacations or retreats.

  5. Dave D

    Let me see, 61 days, plus the 17 he has scheduled will be 78 in three years, by the end of December. 26 days per year, seems reasonable. But you are being deceitful to say Bush took more or Reagan took more, they were re-elected and served 8 years. Bush 180/8 = 22.5/yr. Reagan 112/8 =14/yr.

  6. Craig

    If I remember correctly President Bush And Reagan have been in office for a longer time too.
    So of course they used more vacation time. President Obama has to catch up.

    President Obama has gotten everything he wants and nothing has worked. He may as well vacation till the end of his term. 20-January-2013.

    It is a high stress job. skip.

  7. neil

    dekerivers: you don’t have to give people like bill, patrick, and ckb the time of day; it only validates their need for attention by spouting ignorant garbage. intelligent questions or comments deserve consideration and intelligent responses.

    in my opinion, people like those three will believe whatever they want to, and there is no space left in their small minds for facts and different perspectives.

  8. kristine jessen

    OMG are you folks stupid or what. it’s Not the number of days it’s the MONEY…MY MONEY being wasted by a president AND his wife on MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR vacations!! i don’t care how “stressful” his presidency is, he and his wife are spending my tax money like WATER!! in an economic desert no less!! if i have to take ANOTHER “stay-cation” this year because of the economy HE CAN TOO (and that goes DOUBLE for michelle!!) OMG i wish i had a private plane to fly my family pet around, oh yeah, i guess i would have brought the critter in the plane I was in!

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